‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Will’s Death Sends Shockwaves Through Salem, Familiar Faces Return To Town

Days of Our Lives spoilers for the week of October 12 indicate that there will be a lot of heartbreak and chaos in the wake of the latest Necktie Killer murder. As many had anticipated, Will Horton was killed after he uncovered key evidence regarding the serial killer, and this latest death is sure to send shockwaves throughout Salem.

Fans have known for a while now that Alison Sweeney would return in the role of Sami Brady soon and Monday’s episode brings that big development. Sweeney teased via Twitter that the October 12 episode would be her first back and obviously viewers will see Sami face the news that her son was just murdered.

Also ahead on Monday’s show, Chad realizes who is behind the efforts to pin the Necktie Killer murders on him. He’s been desperate to prove his innocence, and it seems he will be one step closer come Monday’s episode. As the week continues, Days of Our Lives spoilers from She Knows Soaps indicate that Aiden will find himself facing a big challenge thanks to Andre.


There will be some Basic Black drama on Wednesday’s show, as Theresa worries that she could be edged out of the business thanks to Kate. There are surely plenty more shenanigans when it comes to Basic Black and the battle for control in the episodes ahead.

Though DOOL fans don’t know how long Sami will stay in Salem, there is some juicy stuff involving her ahead. Days of Our Lives spoilers indicate that she will try to kill someone on Thursday’s show. Will she blame Chad for Will’s death and try to kill him?

Per the Days of Our Lives spoilers from Celeb Dirty Laundry, that may be exactly the case. They indicate that Ben and Chad will have a brutal battle that leaves Chad in a coma, and Sami may try to quietly kill him at the hospital once she learns that he’s been suspected of the murders.

Just before his death, Will had reached out to Sonny to try to patch things up. Sonny will make a return to Salem in the wake of Will’s death, though sadly fans won’t get to see “WilSon” reunite after all the twists and turns their love story took over the past few years. Sonny and Paul are said to share some difficult moments later in the week.

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Rafe will end up interviewing Ben about the Salem murders during Friday’s episode. Rafe is working on trying to clear Chad, but he has no idea just how close to getting answers he really is by interviewing Ben. From the sounds of things, Ben’s big secret will remain safe for now.

There is plenty more drama ahead in the weeks to come, as Sami will come across some hints that her love EJ is still alive and DOOL fans are looking forward to the big reveal to everybody in Salem that Andre is still alive. Belle and Shawn will be back later in the fall and Days of Our Lives spoilers have promised that there are big moments ahead during early November as the show celebrates its 50th anniversary.

Who will finally figure out that Ben is the Necktie Killer? Will there be any additional victims before the truth is revealed? Just how long will viewers be treated to having Sami Brady back in Salem? There is plenty of drama yet to play out on all fronts as the chaos continues on Days of Our Lives.


[Photo by Angela Weiss/Getty Images]