‘Sister Wives’: ‘Cheater’ Meri Brown Clings To Kody In New Photos, Robyn Gives Meri A Hug

Meri Brown’s online affair with one whopper of a catfish hasn’t killed her “spiritual marriage.” The Sister Wives star has been branded a “cheater” for seemingly falling in love with someone who doesn’t exist, but polygamist Kody Brown hasn’t kicked his first wife to the curb.

Last week, Meri Brown revealed that she was the victim of a catfish who turned out to be a lesbian masquerading as a good-looking businessman. Meri claimed that she never met the person she got so emotionally invested in, and she said that her family was standing by her in the wake of the bizarre incident.

“Throughout this ordeal, my family has supported and stood by me,” Meri said. “I am grateful to them for their love and strength through this difficult time.”

RadarOnline recently shared photographic evidence that the Brown family is standing by Meri. On Saturday, the Browns attended Hard Rock Hotel’s 25th Anniversary celebration in Las Vegas. In pictures from the event, Meri Brown can be seen gripping Kody’s arm while she smiles big and stands beside him. Robyn is positioned on the other side of Meri, and Christine and Janelle stand on the other side of Kody. There’s a high likelihood that the Browns put a little thought into the way they arranged themselves — it was their way of showing the world that Meri is still very much a member of their polygamist family.

All About the Tea points out that Meri technically cheated on Kody Brown, even though the couple got divorced last year. Meri decided to give up her status as Kody’s only legal wife so that he could legally marry his fourth “spiritual wife,” Robyn Brown. As Sister Wives viewers know, Meri claimed that she was doing this so that Kody could try to legally adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage.

Meri initially seemed to think that this family rearrangement wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but she became sad and emotionally vulnerable, making her the perfect prey for a devious catfish like Jackie Overton. As the Inquisitr previously reported, Overton has been described as a prolific catfish with a long list of alter egos. She posed as a kind and caring businessman named “Sam” who was there for Meri during a very difficult time in her life, and Overton’s ruse worked so well that she eventually had Meri declaring her love for Sam and bashing Kody Brown.

Many Sister Wives fans are actually happy that Meri Brown decided to seek companionship after her divorce, but All About the Tea suggests that she doesn’t deserve too much sympathy. She willingly joined Kody’s trio of “spiritual wives” when she relinquished her status as his legal wife, and she was expected to act as if nothing had changed. In other words, she was supposed to stay faithful to her husband. However, she got romantically involved with someone else.

Meri Brown And Kody Brown During Happier Days
Kody and Meri Brown's wedding photo (Image via Sister Wives Facebook)

According to Jezebel, Kody Brown once shared his thoughts about how he would feel if Meri ever gave her attention to another guy. During an early episode of Sister Wives, he said that the “vulgarity” of the idea sickened him, and he told Meri that it made him uncomfortable even thinking about it because it was against “God and nature.” Perhaps Kody has become more open to the idea of his wives getting their flirt on with other guys after years of hearing about how big of hypocrite he is.

Meri Brown isn’t the only Sister Wives star who is being accused of engaging in questionable behavior. According to In Touch Weekly, one source claims that Robyn Brown was aware that her sister wife was being catfished and she chose to do nothing about it.

“Robyn absolutely knew from the beginning that Meri was being catfished,” the source claimed. “Robyn sat back and just watched as the whole scam unraveled.”

The source didn’t explain why Robyn would allow her sister wife to be led on by a hoaxer, and if the source is telling the truth, Robyn’s betrayal seemingly didn’t upset Meri too much. On Friday, Meri tweeted a photo of herself giving Robyn a big hug.

Are you surprised that Meri Brown is still sticking with the Brown family even though she’s obviously not a happily married woman? Or are you more shocked that Kody hasn’t kicked her to the curb for cheating on him?