WWE News: Virgil Talks Vince McMahon, Hulk Hogan, ‘Starting The nWo’, And More

In the last few years, former WWF superstar Virgil has seen his name in headlines for reasons ranging from a GoFundMe campaign to trying to sell autographs in a New York City subway station (via Bleacher Report). But in a new interview with Canadian Bulldog’s World, the former bodyguard for “The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase was not short on compliments for himself.

For starters, the former Million Dollar champion was asked by The Canadian Bulldog about a side of himself fans don’t see, and Virgil quickly praised himself.

“I am a real dude. I have been around, man. Worked with the top names in the business. I get stopped 45 times a day with people saying ‘Are you Virgil?’; ‘You’re the f*****g man’. I am a good guy. Means well. Trying to be the next Steve Jobs, man. That’s all.”

The focus quickly shifted to his GoFundMe page, which has $410 of the $1 million goal raised. Virgil says that “I need to get that F**K MONEY to get me to where I need to be in life. I deserve it,” in reference to the GoFundMe campaign. This is not the first time Virgil has spoken of the campaign.

In a recent interview with Sirius XM’s Sam Roberts, Virgil gave an eccentric interview, discussing “F**k money,” and how he paved the way for several African-American wrestlers of the current day.

Asked whether or not he thinks he will ever return to the WWE in any capacity, Virgil reiterated his belief of influencing the current crop of talent and mentioned how he believes that WWE should enshrine him in the Hall of Fame.

Virgil believes he should be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

“I deserve to be in the Hall of Fame. That is my next step. Make all black wrestlers proud, as I was the reason why the New Day has a new day. God bless them.”

In a wrestling career spanning four decades, Virgil was asked about his favorite moment inside the squared circle over the course of his career. One specific match stands out to Virgil, and it was his match against Nailz at SummerSlam in 1992. On the same card that featured Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog for the Intercontinental championship and The Ultimate Warrior vs. Randy Savage for the WWF championship, Virgil says that their match was the reason Wembley Stadium was sold out.

“Me and Nailz selling out Wembley Stadium. We crushed that s**t!”

With the recent controversy surrounding Hulk Hogan and his alleged racist comments, Virgil had nothing but the highest praise for Hogan. The two men were colleagues for a long time, spanning not just the WWF but the WCW in the 1990s. In Virgil’s mind, Hogan is not racist, and he claims they were both responsible for starting one of the most popular factions of all time.

“Hulk is a good guy. A good man. He never did anything racist to me, bro. We had a great run on top together and we are always there for each other. He was always around for me, bro. Hell, we started the nWo together!”

Virgil says he and Hulk Hogan started the nWo.

Virgil also has high praise for his former boss, Vince McMahon.

“Love that man. He is a mentor of mine. A Genius. Loves the business. I love him”

Ever since becoming an internet phenomenon with LonleyVirgil.net, a website that is dedicated to photographing Virgil at conventions and autograph signing surrounded by little-to-no fans, Virgil has taken that publicity and parlayed it into his current movement. In fact, he claims that his bookings “are blowing up like Stone Cold in ’99.” With that said, he left off his fans with a positive message.

“Chase your dreams people. Get that F**k MONEY…Buy my T-shirt! Book me or cook me. Follow my Twitter and Instagram and take me to Olive Garden for some that meat sauce!”

[Images via WWE.com]