Pippa Middleton Breaks Up With Banker Boyfriend Nico Jackson – Is Distance, And Not Love, The Reason?

Pippa Middleton, the younger sister of Kate Middleton, broke up with Nico Jackson, who she had been dating for over three years, reported People Magazine. Apparently, it was the dreaded prospect of keeping romance alive in a long-distance relationship that convinced the couple to walk away from the relationship. Jackson, who is a banker — or more specifically, a stockbroker by profession — relocated to Switzerland and is supposed to work for a Geneva bank.

Thirty-two-year-old Pippa had met 37-year-old Jackson at a tennis match over three years ago and the couple seemed to have quite enjoyed each other’s company. They were last seen cozying up to each other last month during a fun night out in London. Pippa and Nico were seen leaving a healing arts center in London, reported New York Daily News. Before that, the couple had taken a short, but quite romantic vacation in Venice, Italy, in April. A few short days after leaving Venice, the couple was once again spotted having a quiet and romantic dinner in an upmarket London restaurant.

Pippa Middleton

However, as Jackson has now relocated to Switzerland, the couple must have discussed and realized that they can’t spend any long periods of time together without upsetting their daily schedules, duties, and obligations. Interestingly, the notable absence of Jackson besides Pippa Middleton at the Wimbledon tennis tournament might have been an indicator of the impending break-up. While Pippa and Nico had shared executive seats in the royal enclosure last year, Pippa had accompanied her brother, James Middleton, to this year’s matches.

Conflicting reports indicate that Pippa Middleton might be spending some time with her ex-boyfriend, Alex Loudon. Pippa and Alex had dated back in 2010. Their romance was brief and lasted only a year. Loudon is a former professional cricketer. Interestingly, Pippa was also seen with her other previous boyfriend, James Matthews.

Pippa Middleton has always loved the outdoors and she, along with Matthews and his girlfriend Donna Air, and parents Carol and Michael, were on a vacation recently. Incidentally, Pippa and James even participated in the Otillo race in Sweden together, reported MSN. The race is one of the toughest challenges which requires the participants to be in peak physical and mental condition. Athletes are required to run through rough terrains and swim through the choppy Baltic Sea.

Pippa Middleton had completed the grueling course with her teammate, Jöns Bartholdson, as well as her brother, James Middleton, and his teammate, James Matthews. Incidentally, Pippa wasn’t with James, but after meeting during the race, they were seen crossing the finishing line holding hands, reported People.

Despite the encounter, many who competed in the Otillo swim-run competition corroborated that there was nothing going on between the two. The two teams were merely engaged in friendly competition and seemed genuinely happy to have met during the course of the race, said a source.

“The group of six of them all seemed very close but there was nothing amorous at all, as far as I could see. They all just seemed like good friends.”

While there are quite a speculations about why Pippa Middleton and Nico Jackson called it quits, E! Online cited a source, who said it was because of the long distance and busy schedules that would have eventually ended the relationship anyway.

“Long-distance didn’t work, especially with how busy Pippa was. A lot of their problems stemmed from the fact she was always busy working—as was he—and they never had time for one another.”

Apart from the royal duties, Pippa Middleton is keenly interested to continue her career as a nutritionist.

[Image Credit | Gareth Cattermole, Dominic O’Neill / Getty Images]