WWE News: Current-WWE Diva Champion Charlotte Says The Women Deserve To Main Event On Main Roster

The Divas Revolution hit a stand-still near the end of Nikki Bella’s Divas championship reign. When Charlotte, Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley, came up to the WWE main roster from NXT, the momentum in the women’s division skyrocketed. The wrestling that was displayed by the women in WWE NXT gave new life to women’s wrestling in general. Simply put, the women in WWE weren’t appreciated for their wrestling until NXT came about.

Triple H WWE NXT

Triple H had a vision for the Divas division when NXT started. Since the prior few years were focused with beautiful women and bras and panties matches, the former-WWE champion wanted to change the game. He lived up to his moniker and started a revolution. It began with Paige and Emma. Both women wrestled at NXT Arrival and it only got better from there. After that, Charlotte and Natalya had one of the greatest womens matches of all-time.

In the current-state of the WWE, the Four Horsewomen are dominating the WWE’s main roster. Charlotte, Lynch, and Banks are doing their part, while Bayley is leading the charge in WWE NXT. Despite the fans wanting them to get promoted, there is still criticism towards the Divas Revolution. Charlotte commented on that criticism earlier this week.

“Well, I think people always want to find something to be negative about instead of just being positive that there’s three NXT girls that debuted. I know that we all feel that the Divas Revolution isn’t something that just started when the three of us came up. I think the Divas Revolution has been around for along time, even since Trish (Stratus) and Lita. It’s just as of right now in this moment in time, there’s a bigger focus on our in-ring ability.”

Charlotte brings up a lot of great points about women in wrestling. Trish Stratus and Lita picked up where Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young left off. They were the original legends of female wrestling. That’s not to say there weren’t stars along the way, but it were the aforementioned WWE legends that set the bar. Charlotte, Lynch, Bayley and Banks have raised the bar and it is allowing the WWE to get outside talent.

Bayley WWE NXT

Asuka and Nia Jax are the two-newest superstars to appear at WWE NXT. It’s become a never-ending pool of female talent that will headline shows for the future. Speaking of headlining shows, Charlotte also talked about them being the main event for WWE Raw or WWE pay-per-views.

“We have the capability to main-event just like Sasha and Bayley are in NXT this week. They deserve to main event. That will be a match of the year candidate. Sasha and I main evented (Philadelphia), then them main eventing a special, me being Divas Champion up here. I don’t know what the future holds, but I know that I have lofty goals and that I just want to open the doors for women as it pertains to main eventing on a bigger scale, the main roster, and what we’ve been able to do at NXT and gain the respect like we did at NXT on the main roster as well.”

They certainly have the ability to main event a show, but the writing from WWE Creative has to work with the talent to complement them. There’s a reason why the Divas Revolution didn’t find the immediate success it should’ve. WWE officials didn’t book it properly, because they attempted to push nine women at the same time.

Individually, it would’ve been easier. Charlotte, Lynch, and Banks will all be WWE Divas champion. When Bayley comes up from WWE NXT, she will find the same success. It’s going to come down to writing if they can brings the ratings up. There’s huge potential for the women in the WWE, but everything has to come together for it to happen.

[Images via wwe.com and youtube.com]