Jessica McCarty: Florida Mother Reportedly Strangled Her Three Children To Death As They Told Her They Loved Her, Wanted Suicide By Cops

Gregory Wakeman

A Florida mother murdered her three children by strangling and drowning them as each of them told her how much they loved her as they died.

Jessica McCarty, 33, of Brevard County, Florida, was arrested and now faces three charges of first-degree murder, for which she could face the death penalty. Upon her arrest, Jessica McCarty was found to have slit her wrists and neck and was hoping that police would shoot her dead. Instead, she survived, something that she insists she doesn't deserve for committing her horrific deeds.

Police documents have shed further light on her actions that resulted in the death of her three children back on March 19, 2015.

They have revealed that 7-year-old Lacey McCarty was drowned in a bathtub. After murdering Lacey, Jessica McCarty set about strangling his brothers Phillip McCarty, 6, and Christopher Swist, five months, both of which were murdered with cords around their necks.


Once she had completed the murders, Jessica McCarty then called the police to reveal that she'd killed her children. Christopher Swist, 30, McCarty's boyfriend, then arrived home, and he also called the police. Swist and McCarty had apparently been through a tough period in their relationship at the point of her atrocities.

Christopher Swist was the father to Jessica McCarty's youngest child, while the father of her older two children was Phillip McCarty.

Upon the arrival of police officers, McCarty, who was wielding a knife, was incapacitated by cops in her front garden by the use of non-lethal beanbag rounds. These only subdued her rather than killed her. At this point, she then declared, "I'm so pissed you guys didn't shoot me with a real gun. I don't deserve to live," before she was then taken to the hospital for treatment.

After arriving at Holmes Regional Medical Center, Jessica McCarty then reiterated her desire to die, with the mother insisting, "I wish I would have finished the job."

Handwritten notes written by Palm Bay Detective Lewis Jones following the incident have since emerged, and they provide further details of the harrowing details of the murders.

In these notes it's been claimed that Lacey, Phillip, and Christopher each told Jessica how much they loved her as they were dying. McCarty told police officers that Lacey's last words were in this vein, explaining, "She kept telling me, 'I love you mommy'."


Lewis also discussed the circumstances that he confronted upon walking inside the house. Once inside, he noticed that the film Marley And Me was playing on television, before he then saw that there was blood smeared across both sofas, as well as on a cell phone, and it was also dotted throughout the kitchen and living room.

According to Florida Today, as McCarty started to comprehend what she had done, she then broke down, telling the officers, "I just wanna die. I hope something bad happens and I just die here. Just give me the death penalty, right here, right now. I wanted to stab myself very badly. I've wanted to kill myself for a long time."

After completing these murders, Jessica McCarty then texted photos of the house, which was covered in blood, to her partner. Christopher Swist then rushed home, called 911, and then held his youngest child in his arms as he died. After being put on a life support machine for 48 hours, 5-month-old Christopher Swift was declared dead.

Jessica McCarty had previously threatened to murder her children, before then killing herself, on numerous occasions. After her brother confronted McCarty at her house, she reportedly erupted at her family members, "I will snap my babies' necks and take them with me when I kill myself. I wish I could just kill the kids and myself."

[Images via Facebook & Brevard County Jail]