Zayn Malik Pauses Solo Music While Waiting For A One Direction Hit Songwriter To Join Him

Zayn Malik fans are hungry for new music. The former One Direction star has yet to release his anticipated solo work. Zayn Malik is still in the preparatory stages. He is gathering the talent needed for artistry and management so that his solo career can make the intended impact.

As the Mirror reports, Zayn Malik has his sights on the songwriter responsible for huge One Direction hits. He wants songwriter Jamie Scott to get free from his One Direction duties. This could be why Zayn hasn’t released any new music, despite his departure from One Direction back in March.

Scott, an artist himself, released his solo album, My Hurricane, earlier this year. He’s also been the opening act for One Direction on some tour dates. He has worked with One Direction since their first album. It’s rumored that he’s worried if working with Zayn Malik would hurt his chances for more One Direction work. Scott’s One Direction hits include “Night Changes,” “You & I,” and “Midnight Memories.” He also helped write the band’s post Zayn Malik singles, “Drag Me Down” and “Infinity.”

Scott has spoken before about what it’s like to write songs. He told Popcrush about his process.

“When I sit down and write a song for myself, I only have one critic, and that’s me. I’m very particular on what to do in terms of myself. When it comes to someone else, then I completely relinquish that duty to the people I’m working for, because they are the artist … When you’re working for an artist, whether it’s One Direction or Christina Perri, these people very much have an artist integrity and know what they want. You’re there to write music that is going to work well for them.”

Zayn Malik could do well with a songwriter like Scott, who only seeks to augment an artist’s own creative process. If Zayn can get Scott, it will guarantee a certain level of quality, creative control, and success.

But Malik doesn’t want to release music that will be in competition with any One Direction releases from the upcoming album. He is waiting until the field is clear of his old band so he can have the highest chances of breaking through in his new solo career. Zayn was rumored to be making his solo debut alongside The Weeknd at the MTV Video Music Awards this past August. Despite anticipation from the music world and swirling rumors, he never showed up.

Malik is in the process of recruiting powerful individuals in the music industry. He has already recruited Grammy winner Malay, a producer who has worked magic for artists like Alicia Keys, Frank Ocean, and John Legend. Zayn also has access to Sarah Stennett for management. Stennett also represents Ellie Goulding, Iggy Azalea, and Rita Ora. Stennett’s company, Turn First Artists, is led by women and is known to engage in a well-rounded approach to artist development. This approach may also be a factor in why we haven’t heard much from Zayn lately. Stennett and her team may be ensuring that all the pieces are in place before Malik fully commits to the solo spotlight.

In the meantime, Zayn Malik has been drawing criticism from One Direction founder Simon Cowell, and seems to draw less and less mention from his former bandmates. Though Malik hasn’t directly insulted anyone, except for perhaps Naughty Boy, he has hinted that his solo career will be more authentic. Zayn Malik may not be the only One Direction associate to release solo material. Harry Styles is also rumored to be releasing solo material in the near future.

But how long will fans wait for Zayn Malik solo material before the buzz dies down? Zayn Malik needs to put something out there soon to keep current fans happy.

[Photo by Pascal Le Segretain / Getty Images]