New York City Police Department’s Intelligence Director Leaves For Private Sector

The New York City Police Department’s Director of Intelligence is gearing up for a career change, hopping from the NYPD to work in the private sector.

On the eve of his departure from the New York City Police Department, Mitch Silber explains some of the ways the department has worked to prevent another terrorist attack on New York City as well as the ripple effect more than ten years on of the events of September 11th.

The New York City Police Department faces distinctive challenges unlike that of any other American city, due largely to a concentration of landmarks and headquarters of many massive organizations, but also in part because of its near-fragility in the way the city is laid out.

New York City Police Department Commissioner Raymond Kelly explained to CNN more than half a decade ago that the city had shored up the scope of its police response to be more like that of the military, and explained:

“The reason why we did it, is we believe that we’re at the top of the terrorist target list… We also have the United Nations here, we’re the financial and communications capital of the world. We have major stock exchanges here.”


NYPD director of intelligenceCNN spoke to Silber about his work over the years for the New York City Police Department, and the site explains how what was once seen as a far-flung threat has, in some ways, moved closer:

“Silber points to evidence of that in one of those thwarted efforts back in 2009. That’s when Najibullah Zazi plotted to attack New York’s subway system. According to Silber, the plotters prepared not in training camps in Pakistan, but on basketball courts in a city suburb.”

Silber will be heading over to K2 Global Consulting’s New York Office as executive managing director after leaving the New York City Police Department.