Louis Tomlinson: Baby Mama Briana Already 'One Of The Family'

One Direction star Louis Tomlinson is set to become a father early in the new year. Louis met Briana Jungwirth, an L.A.-based stylist, whilst on One Direction's "On The Road Again" world tour. Louis and Briana had a brief relationship, but the effect of that relationship will be much longer lasting. Shortly after, the relationship rumors began to circulate that Briana was expecting Louis' baby. Louis has since confirmed that he is to become a dad, and clues are starting to emerge that the couple may be planning a future together.

As has been widely reported, including here on Inquisitr, Briana has been spotted supporting Louis at a number of One Direction's recent U.K. shows. What is more, Briana has looked very comfortable in the company of both Louis' mother and his sister whilst at the shows. Sharp eyed One Direction fans spotted Louis' baby mama with his family at the shows in London, and shared pictures on social media. In the pictures, Briana's baby bump can clearly be seen.

The Daily Mail report that Louis gave a rather awkward interview to Scottish TV earlier this week, during which he admitted that he was "excited" at the prospect of becoming a father for the first time. Louis and band-mate Niall Horan looked relaxed and happy during the interview, and Niall stated once again the One Direction will be back after their break. Louis claims that he and Niall are "going on a lads holiday" during the band's hiatus.
Whilst Louis confirmed that he was excited about impending fatherhood, he looked a little uncomfortable, and the interviewer quickly changed the subject. It is not known whether or not she had been briefed to avoid the subject, but she most certainly did not press the issue.

Whilst there has been a lot of speculation about what Louis and Briana might do with regards to their relationship after baby Tomlinson arrives, neither has made any comment about what the future holds. According to the Belfast Telegraph, Louis and Briana are not currently in a romantic relationship, but it seems that Briana is getting close to Louis' mom, Johannah Deakin, and sister, Félicité.

"Johannah and Félicité kept cuddling up to [Briana] – they were chatting loads and seemed really close. After she was spotted at the first gig, she kept a lower profile at the other shows and sat in seating specially reserved for Louis' family."
According to the Belfast Telegraph, a source told Heat magazine that Louis is currently looking to buy a house in L.A. for Briana and the baby, and is looking forward to "being there as much as he can."
"Louis is counting the days until the band's hiatus so he can spend more time with them. When he starts working again next year, he'll split his time between the UK and LA."
As has been widely reported Tomlinson has started up his own record label, and Louis is believed to be intending to concentrate on that during One Direction's break. It has been widely rumored that Louis is to be offered roles on both America's Got Talent and the U.K. version of X-Factor. If Tomlinson is intending to split his time between the U.K. and the U.S., then having roles on both TV shows could work out well for him.

Louis Tomlinson
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In other Louis Tomlinson news, Unreality TV report that Louis' former girlfriend is finding life tough at the moment. Eleanor and Louis were together for four years before splitting back in March. Eleanor was very close to Louis' family, and it seems that life is getting on top of her at the moment.

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