Watch As New iPhone Case ‘Magically’ Heals Scratches

The new iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus have a newfound resistance to being bent and damaged by water, as recently reported by the Inquisitr, marking a distinct improvement from some previous versions, which were much easier to damage. This is a consequence of the new iPhones using a different aluminum alloy.

Users can now benefit from a case to protect their iPhone that will remain free from scratches. Unfortunately, it can still be scratched, but in a review by BGR, it’s reported that even serious “surface” scratches to the new cases faded over time to “almost nothing.”

“On one hand, seeing scratches on your smartphone case means the important accessory is doing its job by protecting your handset from scratches and dings. On the other hand, a scratched smartphone case is unsightly — do you really want your $650+ phone wrapped in a piece of ugly scratched-up plastic?”

As you can see in the video, the technology extends beyond the iPhone case to use in a screen protector which is also able to self-repair surface scratches. They are manufactured by Just Mobile, a manufacturer of Apple and iPhone products. The case is branded TENC, and the screen cover is called AutoHeal. Currently due to their focus on Apple and iPhone products, the technology is not for sale for other smartphones.

iPhone owners don’t need to sacrifice on appearances either to don the protective case, as the company boasts it is “near-invisible.” That’s an important feature given the efforts Apple goes to to deliver beautiful, thin technology to their iPhone range.

self healing iphone case close up [Image Source: Just Mobile]The iPhone case is available for $29.95, which is significantly more than budget iPhone cases. However, given the value of the iPhone, many users will likely shell out for the near-permanent sheen it will give their iPhone. In fact, at the time of writing, the TENC iPhone case is sold out on Amazon.

Just Mobile have been making mobile accessories since 2005. Their initial focus was on Windows Phones. However, the advent of the iPhone and it’s market-leading position led Just Mobile to refocus on developing for the iPhone.

Their company mission was to make accessories “that last.” Self-healing iPhone accessories are, perhaps, the ultimate realization of that mission.

“We don’t make disposable junk. Neither do we indulge in exercises in aestheticism. We believe that design is about far more than styling; it’s about understanding the essence of an object and celebrating its utility. So we create beautiful products that solves real-life problems – like how to prop up your tablet to watch a movie, or how to recharge your iPhone when you’re on the move.”

Self healing Iphone case curing process [Image Source: Just Mobile]It’s important to note that “deep cuts” will still leave a permanent mark on your iPhone case, so it will still be important to separate it from risk of serious damage.

Technology that addresses that issue isn’t as far away in the future as we might imagine, however. An iPhone case that repairs itself from deep cuts and damage might be possible in future. In fact, Digital Trends covered the advent of self-healing airplane wings, heralding a future where they could heal cracks immediately after they form. It’s reported that scientists believe that even a cracked iPhone screen could “autonomously fix the cracks and become good as new within a few hours.”

As well as iPhones and airplanes, even roads and buildings aren’t safe from the self-repairing future, as IFLScience recently reported that concrete capable of repairing its own cracks could be just around the corner.

Have you ever been frustrated by easy-to-damage iPhone cases? Would you shell out the extra for one that can heal? What do you think about the trend towards a self-repairing future?

[Image Source: Just Mobile]