Nicki Minaj And The Weeknd On ‘SNL’ – ‘The Hills’ Remix With Minaj On ‘Saturday Night Live’ Brings Heat [Video]

The Weeknd appeared on Saturday Night Live on October 10, and during his signature “The Hills” song, The Weekend brought out a surprise guest. That surprise guest was Nicki Minaj, reports Billboard, who sang a special remixed version of “The Hills” with the popular singer. Their energy was electric, as The Weeknd took Nicki’s hand at one point during the song, and he kind of spun her around as Minaj showed off her tight-fitting dress — no surprise there with that outfit.

The special guest of The Weeknd was definitely a surprise to Saturday Night Live viewers who didn’t expect the female rapper’s voice and body, and that fabulous face, to show up smack dab in the middle of The Weekend’s rousing version of “The Hills.”

The Minaj version of “The Hills,” which added a new rap verse to the song, can now be purchased on iTunes. The Weekend’s popular ode to messing around with a taken woman has also been remixed with another popular rapper. “The Hills,” featuring rap verses with Eminem, was also released — even as the bang-up hit, with its notable opening — sits at the highest spot on the Billboard Hot 100 list.

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Indeed, enough folks can relate to “The Hills,” as it tells the tale of a man — presumably from The Weeknd’s own experiences, perhaps — who visits a woman when her man is away on a promotional tour. Perhaps that man is another celebrity, like an actor or rapper. The Weeknd sings about the hills having eyes, and a person needing to hide their lies — the sure mark of a person who feels guilt for doing a bad deed. Although The Hills Have Eyes was an old horror movie, in the case of The Weeknd’s lyrics, it appears these hills he sings of are the famous Hollywood Hills, as seen in the accompanying video for the song. According to Genius and speculation of these lyrics, The Weeknd could’ve been with Ariana Grande, who famously dated Big Sean before breaking up with the rapper.

Previously, Nicki was seen showing off her fashion chops when she hit up the Alexander Wang Spring 2016 fashion show in New York during Fashion Week. On SNL, Nicki’s fashions were on display. The meeting of Minaj with The Weeknd is being called the collaboration everyone has been waiting for. A simple search for Minaj on Twitter gives readers a quick indication of just how successful the match-up between the duo on SNL became. It was a sexy song, and the duo definitely had chemistry, as Nicki gave her signature “mean mug” face to The Weeknd before smiling at him. Maybe Minaj didn’t want Meek Mill to know she was enjoying the SNL performance with The Weeknd as much as she did.

The video of Minaj and The Weeknd, which will be available until November 14 on the SNL website, is surely gaining views for Saturday Night Live Season 41, Episode 1685. The meeting between The Weeknd and Nicki singing a new version of “The Hills,” speaking about Minaj showing up with only panties under her coat and popping pills while he smoked matches perfectly in line with The Weekend’s sexed and drugged up image.

Indeed, The Weeknd inhabits Marilyn Monroe’s old haunts, reports Billboard, even recording in her old bedroom — and prayerfully escaping the fate that brought Monroe down. With match-ups like this one with Minaj, The Weeknd will likely stay in viewers minds for a long time.

[Image via SNL/ NBC]