Liam Payne Apologizes To His Parents For His Tattoos During ‘OTRA’ Birmingham

Directioners are aware of the boys’ ever-growing collection of tattoos, except for Niall Horan. Liam Payne’s recently acquired tattoos appear to have saddened his parents, that’s why in the Birmingham leg of the One Direction On The Road Again tour last night, he took the chance to apologize to his parents.


“I’m sorry if I upset you which I know I did. It was very bad of me,” Liam said about his tattoos. Just when the moment was becoming emotional, Harry Styles laughed and told Liam’s mom, “Stop your crying, Karen!”

Liam’s recognizable tattoo used to be the chevron pattern on his right forearm. However, he recently commemorated his 22nd birthday with a pair of prominent tattoos. Fans first noticed his new tattoo during the band’s Detroit performance. The tattoo shows a silhouette of a flying eagle in front of the sun. There are two empty banners on the eagle’s side, which implies that Liam might not be done yet with his inking plans.

The “Story of My Life” singer was then photographed leaving Rising Dragon Tattoos in New York City. He left the shop with his forearm bandaged up, but it wasn’t that long before he flaunted his new tattoo – a skull and roses design with a banner that reads, “We are the quiet ones.”

Liam Payne flaunts new tattoo

Even if Liam feels bad for his new tattoos, his parents seem to have forgiven him quickly. In a recent interview, his parents said that when One Direction was catapulted into fame, their time with Liam also became sparser, but more precious.

Since Liam rarely gets the opportunity to visit his Wolverhampton home, his family members try to attend his shows. Last August, they all went to a family holiday in Orlando. Sophia Smith also joined her boyfriend’s family in the vacation.

Liam’s father, Geoff, told Express that not having Liam around still proves to be a challenge.

“It’s something you expect I suppose, but nothing can really prepare you for those times when he’s not around. In the first year of 1D we used to measure the time we saw him in days, then it went down to hours the bigger they got. In the last year it’s been minutes, and each one of those is incredibly precious.”

One Direction’s fifth album, Made in the AM, will be released on November 13. The boys will reportedly take a break starting March, 2016, and Liam’s family is excited to spend more time with him. Despite having fans all over the world, Liam’s mom is proud that her son hasn’t forgotten his roots. She claims that Liam still likes walking around Wolverhampton “under a hood or cap for obvious reasons.”

Now that the band will temporarily part ways, Geoff believes that his son might focus on creating material as a solo artist. In the same Express interview, he had nothing but praises for his son’s hard work.

“I’ve heard some of his output in the studio and it’s quite strong And I’m being diplomatic there. Over the years I’ve watched him grow as an artist; watched him learn how to write songs. He probably wrote 50 per cent of the last two 1D albums and he’s already done remixes for other performers. I would hope he’ll take a breather once 1D is done, but knowing Liam he’ll want to get back into it after a few months.”

[Images via Mirror and Michael Loccisano / Getty Images]