Hollywood Hoax: Brad Pitt ‘Threatens’ Angelina Jolie With Divorce Over Eating Disorder

Rumors have been doing the gossip media rounds recently that Brad Pitt had given Angelina Jolie an ultimatum. The report said Pitt had threatened Jolie that if she didn’t eat more and gain some weight, their marriage would be over.

According to the rumor in Hollywood Life, their “source” had said that Angelina was looking very frail, with a current weight of only 83 pounds. The report continued by saying Brad Pitt was extremely concerned about his wife’s health and had been encouraging her to get help. However, she was reportedly ignoring his advice, and Pitt had thus “reached the end of his rope.”

As reported by the Christian Post, the rumor read that unless Jolie did something about her problem by checking into rehab to correct her eating disorder, Pitt would divorce her, leaving her and taking all those many kids with him.

The report continued with a “source close to the couple” claiming that Pitt wants Angelina to “focus on herself and the family, before it’s too late.” Brad apparently told Angelina he doesn’t want his kids exposed to this situation any longer and that he won’t stand by and “watch the mother of his children kill herself.”

There have been rumors in the past about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie breaking up. It seems no one finds a happily married couple interesting enough in the media, and this kind of divorce rumor is rife among Hollywood couples.

Gossip Cop picked up on the rumor and immediately slammed it down, stating that the divorce ultimatum rumor is totally untrue and was made up by the writer at Hollywood Life.

The Gossip Cop website was set up to patrol celebrity gossip and rumors and in this case, they debunked the Brangelina rumor, saying the gossip website did not clearly state its sources and that in citing the one insider mentioned, they took this information from an unreliable source.

Their report further stated that Hollywood Life had not attempted to reach out to either Brad Pitt’s or Angelina Jolie’s representatives to find out if any of the story had a thread of truth and stated categorically that Pitt is not leaving Jolie because of her skinny frame.

The rumor, of course, had immediately spread, as can be seen by a search on Twitter.

The same report by Gossip Cop mentioned how Hollywood Life had also spread rumors about Jennifer Aniston and new husband Justin Theroux adopting a baby girl. The tabloid said, “First comes a secret wedding, then comes a secret adoption!” Gossip Cop noted that the report then said that they had “reached out to Jen’s rep for comment” and that if they did, she probably wouldn’t have bothered to respond.

Getting back to Brangelina, the Inquisitr reported in February on how the celebrity couple keep their marriage alive and happy, as Brad Pitt and Angelina gave the secret to their success. At that time, rumors were again rife that a divorce was looming after Jolie had threatened Pitt that he must stop drinking, or face rehab. The National Enquirer picked up on the rumors and reported that the couple were likely to divorce.

Brad Pitt

The secret of their marriage success was then revealed, in that they use the 5:2 principle. The way this works is that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie spend five days of a seven day period together, and the other two days apart.

As high-profile Hollywood celebrities, spending the entire 24/7 together reportedly increases the tension between Pitt and Jolie, but by having a two day break for every seven days, the tensions are lifted and the couple reunite as happily as ever.

[Photo: Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt by Frazer Harrison / Getty Images Entertainment]