Hillary Clinton Meltdown Rumors Surface As Democratic Debate Looms

Hillary Clinton may be on the verge of a major meltdown in the lead-up to the vital Democratic debate, which could make or break the presidential hopeful’s campaign.

Hillary Clinton meltdown

The New York Post reports that Clinton’s behavior has been increasingly volatile, aggressive, and violent in recent days. Hillary reportedly berated a low-level campaign worker for making a minor scheduling error, then (in a move that could be classified as employer assault) grabbed the female employee’s arm when she attempted to avoid an escalation by walking away. The New York Post speculates that Clinton’s anger may be stoked by her drop in the polls, which comes on the eve of an important debate that could either secure Hillary’s chance at the candidacy (her second bid for the job after being beaten by Barack Obama in the 2008 run) or relegate her again to the status of observer and former First Lady.

On the subject of Bill Clinton: the Post reports that both the former president (whose impeachment scandal, in the face of his affair with a White House intern, rocked a pre-internet 90s world) and Hillary’s campaign team are living in fear that she will crack at the wrong moment — that is, while a camera is fixed on her. A meltdown in front of TV cameras — say, due to a comment from an interviewer that hits a nerve, or due to perceived disrespect from her opponent during a critical debate moment — would certainly look unpresidential. Fears are mounting that Hillary Clinton might just crack — her big moment has been a long time coming, and many failures and more than a few humiliations sit heavy in the former First Lady’s psyche. It would only take one big spat, strong word, or teary outburst on screen — or so the Clinton camp believes — and all their work would be for nil. Voters may decide that the long-suffering Hillary (who stood by her husband during his scandal-plagued term and came out of her failed 2008 Democratic bid against Obama with her self-esteem shaken but her head held high) doesn’t have the temperament to be commander in chief.

The Daily Mail reports that both Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden (who may not run) have risen unexpectedly in the polls in recent days. For her part, Hillary has continued her campaign with a stiff upper lip and a warm presidential smile — it has to be said that she is definitely keeping her nerves and temper under control. No sins of a meltdown, nerves, or rage were discernible during Hillary’s polished recent speech to a Hispanic caucus group, in which she slammed Republican hopeful Donald Trump for suggesting that Latino immigrants are “rapists.”

Clinton did not waver once, and sustained her cool delivery even in the face of a heckler who (as the Washington Times reports) spoke out against Clinton’s acceptance of funding from corporations who run private prisons.

Clinton did not miss a beat, declaring “Enough!” in Spanish (a declaration of her wish that Donald Trump desist with his Latino-bashing, and with his suspicious comments about Mexican immigrants), before proceeding with her speech. She did not even address the heckler.

Hillary Clinton speaking

For Trump’s part, he is attempting to strengthen his own case, and silence those who accuse him of racism, in the best way he knows how: by finding a Latino who agrees with his anti-immigrant sentiments.

The Hill reports that Trump fan Myriam Witcher, who expressed her support for Donald Trump on CNN, is not bothered by Trump’s damning comments about the waves of Mexican immigrants entering the U.S.A. Witcher suggests that Trump is right to be suspicious of Mexican arrivals. She claims that it is true that Mexico is plagued by problems, and says that commentary about the beauty of Mexico, the attractiveness of Latino people, and the tastiness of Mexican food amounts to a cover-up of the stark truth: that Mexico is a country so dangerous that people are afraid to go out into the streets after dark.

Nobody in this planet want to say those are the weak part of my country. Nobody want to say you know we have terrible criminals, we have problems with drugs, we have problems with a lot of bad things.

Everybody want to cover it up and say our country is so beautiful, oh our food is wonderful, the people are beautiful, when, excuse me, so many people daily they are scared just to go to the street after 6:00 p.m.

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