Selena Gomez ‘Had Nothing To Do’ With Chloe Moretz And Brooklyn Beckham’s Split

Reports are surfacing that Selena Gomez is one of the reasons behind Chloe Moretz and Brooklyn Beckham’s split. The rumours that the 23-year-old is again caught in a love triangle allegedly makes her bothered, because she likes and respects Chloe.

A Hollywood Life insider reveals that Selena might have been dragged into the issue because of her encounter with Brooklyn at the New York Fashion Week.

“Selena is so bothered by this rumor. She really likes Chloe and she respects her. She hates that this might be hurtful for her. Selena had nothing to do with Brooklyn and Chloe’s breakup, she doesn’t understand how she’s gotten dragged into it.”

Long distance was initially cited as the reason behind Chloe and Brooklyn’s breakup. However, recent rumours suggest that the romance fell apart because David and Victoria Beckham’s eldest has strong feelings for the “Who Says” songstress.

An OK! magazine source also said that Brooklyn’s heartbroken because Selena couldn’t reciprocate his affection.

“He was smitten with Selena even while he was dating Chloe, which was one of the reasons they broke up. [Selena] says Brooklyn’s sweet and all, but he’s just too young for her. In a few years time that could change, but for now she only sees him as a friend – and it’s breaking his heart.”

Apart from the seven-year age gap, another reason why the Monte Carlo actress might not be interested is because of her on-off romance with Justin Bieber. When asked by Elle if she would consider getting back with Justin, Selena laughed and said, “I don’t know!”

It appears that Justin still thinks of Selena sometimes. In a recent interview, he also talked about their relationship and how it felt like being “married to each other” after they moved in together. The honeymoon stage soon dwindled because of various reasons.

Selena isn’t the only name that’s being linked to Brooklyn following his split from Chloe. Brooklyn reportedly went out with aspiring French model Sonia Ben Ammar, whom he met in the Maldives. Brooklyn maintained his usual silent state, but shared an Instagram photo of Sonia on September 7. The two were then spotted having a stroll in Paris.

Chloe and Brooklyn started dating after being introduced by a mutual friend in California. Despite being photographed several times, the two were actually chaperoned on dates, because they couldn’t drive yet. A month after attending the Teen Choice Awards in August, 2014, the If I Stay actress appeared on Watch What Happens Live and gushed about her love for hanging out with Brooklyn because “he’s a very good guy and he’s a good person.” She was asked by the host if she just didn’t want to put a label on her relationship with Brooklyn and she responded with, “Maybe.”

In another interview with Teen Vogue, she also revealed what she found interesting in Brooklyn.

“What I find really interesting about Brooklyn — and what I really love about that kid — is that he is passionate about what he wants, which is to be a pro soccer star. He’s very serious about it. And I enjoy someone who is on my level with the seriousness kind of thing.”

David once revealed that despite giving his son a privileged life, Brooklyn still commits to a weekend job at a café near their home in North London so that he will remain grounded. The Beckham parents reportedly want their children to experience “working for free” to give them a sense of reality.

The Beckham parents seem to want their kids to learn on their own — that’s why they remain hush about their eldest son’s affairs, even if they’re constantly questioned. While Chloe and Brooklyn didn’t address rumors about their failed romance, they have stopped following each other on Twitter.

[Image via Teen Vogue / Instagram]