Tiffany Brooks: Mom Of 7 Busted As Home Declared ‘Bio-Hazard’ Unfit For Kids Or Animals, Police Say

Tiffany Brooks is a mom of seven kids, and though she is only 34-years-old, her children range in age from almost newborn, to age 17. But after what Washoe County, Nevada, Sheriff’s Deputies found at her home in the desert on Tuesday, those kids have been taken from her custody, and Brooks was locked up for what investigators called “one of the worst cases we’ve seen in terms of hazardous and unhealthy conditions both for the children and animals as well.”

According to a report in the Reno Gazette-Journal, deputies even said that the horrifying conditions inside the home created a bio-hazard, based on the extremely unsanitary housekeeping habits, or non-habits, evidenced by the mom, who wasn’t even home last Monday when the deputies went out to her home on a welfare check in relation to her seven kids, in the remote ghost town of Vya in northwest Nevada, about 10 miles from the California state line and more than 200 miles north of Reno.

On that occasion, the officers saw that there was something wrong going on out there. The whole property was strewn with garbage, fuel, and hazardous material containers and decrepit, run-down automobiles.

But none of that massive eyesore was as heartbreaking as the conditions in which two corralled horses were living. The horses appeared undernourished and had no sources of food or water anywhere in sight. Their hooves were too long, and their hair was patchy.

And then they found five caged dogs, as well as another just running around unleashed and unsupervised.

But nothing they saw on Monday prepared the deputies for what they found when they went back out to the desert homestead the next day, October 6.

That’s when they came back with a search warrant and went inside the house.

Brooks came back in the middle of the deputies’ search, accompanied by four of her seven children and her latest boyfriend, 24-year-old Brandon Quinonez, who police say is the father of one of those seven kids.

Brandon Quinonez, boyfriend of Tiffany Brooks

Police arrested both of them, based on the repulsive conditions they found inside the home.

“The search of the house and property revealed conditions that were unhealthy, hazardous and uninhabitable for children,” the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement, reported by the This Is Reno news site.

“These included unsecured weapons, unsecured prescription medicines, unsecured power tools and other sharp objects, animal feces throughout the grounds and interior of the house, rotting food inside the house along with piles of garbage and laundry creating a biohazard,” the investigators said.

Brooks was slapped with five charges of child neglect and five more of failing to care for a confined animal. Quinonez was also hit with a child neglect charge — and a parole violation.

What the couple was doing on the property and why the place was in such intolerable and disgusting condition, police did not offer a theory.

The case was similar to a case earlier this year in Oklahoma, when a 38-year-old mom of not just seven, but 12 kids, Kodi Faircloth, was arrested on similar child neglect charges.

Mom of 12 Kodi Faircloth

In that case, police found layers of garbage covering the floor in Faircloth’s home, where four of her children still lived, as well as piles of human feces festering in the floor in at least two of the rooms. Her home also had no running water or electricity, and almost no food for the children who lived in the sickening domicile.

All seven of the Tiffany Brooks children were taken into the custody of the Washoe County Child Protective Services Agency on Thursday, and the two horses were placed under the care of the county’s Animal Services Department.

[Featured Image: Washoe County Sheriff’s Department]