Jessa Duggar And Ben Seewald Call Baby ‘Quincy,’ Make It Tough For Jinger To Pick Out Baby Clothes

Jessa Duggar has revealed what she and Ben Seewald are calling their unborn baby, and the name they have chosen might surprise you.

Most Duggar fans have been referring to Jessa and Ben’s bun in the oven as “Baby Seewald.” However, according to Jessa, she and her husband have dreamed up a more unusual nickname for their baby. In a recent post on the Duggar Family Blog, Jessa Duggar revealed that they’ve started calling the baby “Quincy.” However, this unique name probably won’t stick, and it’s not necessarily a hint that they’re expecting a baby boy.

Jessa Duggar Still Hasn't Picked Baby Name

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald have known the sex of their baby since 19 weeks into Jessa’s pregnancy. However, they aren’t sharing this information with family members, friends, and fans until Jessa gives birth on or around her November 1 due date. Jessa says that she and Ben have been careful to avoid male and female pronouns while discussing their child, but referring to Jessa’s fetus as “the baby” all the time seemingly got a bit boring. According to Jessa, Ben decided that he preferred to call the baby “Quincy” in reference to a joke that he made while they were discussing whether or not they wanted to commit to one letter of the alphabet when choosing names for all their future children.

“When we first found out that we were expecting a baby, Ben and I were talking about a letter theme for our kids and Ben suggested, ‘Why don’t we go with the letter ‘Q’?'” lol! Of course that was a joke, but from that point, Ben started calling our little one ‘Quincy,’ and the nickname just sorta stuck,” Jessa revealed.

Ben cracked the “Quincy” joke during an April interview PEOPLE.

“I like Quincy,” Ben quipped. “That’s a unique name.”

At the time Jessa Duggar’s husband made this joke, 19 Kids and Counting was still on the air, and Duggar fans were blissfully unaware that Josh Duggar had sexually molested his younger sisters, signed up for an Ashley Madison account, or cheated on his wife of seven years, Anna Duggar.

Josh Duggar and Anna Duggar decided to follow in Jim Bob and Michelle’s footsteps by choosing a letter theme for their children. Jim Bob and Michelle had to come up with 19 names that started with the letter “J,” and so far Anna and Josh have had to choose four “M” names. It’s a good thing that Anna didn’t insist on naming any of their children “Madison.”

Jessa revealed that she and Ben ultimately decided against choosing a letter theme for their children’s names, and there’s a very good chance that they changed their minds about it because they wanted to avoid that connection to Josh. Instead, Jessa says that they’ve been trying to think of meaningful monikers for baby Quincy and his or her future siblings.

“Seriously though, we have talked about it, and we’re not planning to go with a specific letter theme. But we like the idea of using names with lots of meaning behind them, such as names of people who have been great heroes of the Christian faith. And we like the idea of incorporating family names as well.”

Jessa Duggar and Ben Seewald even asked their fans for baby name suggestions in a poll that they shared on the Seewald Family website. The top picks for a girl were Savannah, Sarah, Olivia, Rachel, and Hope. The most-suggested boy names were Luke, Zachary, Sawyer, Noah, and Benjamin. Many of the monikers appear in the Bible, so there’s a chance that Ben and Jessa will choose one of them for Quincy’s real name.

Pregnant female members of the Duggar family used to throw gender reveal parties that were featured on 19 Kids and Counting, and having a heads-up on the baby’s sex helped family members shop for baby presents. Unfortunately, Jessa and Ben’s insistence on keeping Quincy’s sex a secret is forcing her family members to spend a little extra money on buying baby clothes. Jessa recently posted an Instagram photo of two outfits that her younger sister, Jinger Duggar, picked out for the baby.

Jessa Duggar won't reveal baby's sex

“Which do you think we’ll be putting to use? Right or left?” Jessa captioned the photo above.

Do you think Jessa Duggar is having a girl or a boy, and are you surprised that she decided not to partake in the Duggar family tradition of throwing a gender reveal party?

[Featured image via Jessa Duggar/Instagram]