Major Bradley Podliska: Hillary Clinton Benghazi Investigation Report Biased By House Committee Republicans

Major Bradley Podliska may be a U.S. Air Force intelligence officer who describes himself as a conservative Republican, but now he is claiming that the Benghazi committee is focusing mostly on the Hillary Clinton Benghazi investigation based upon political motivations. In addition, Podliska claims he was fired from his job as an investigator with the House Select Committee on Benghazi because he resisted pressure to focus on Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State inside the U.S. State Department.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi emails were released by the hundreds earlier in 2015. The State Department released the Benghazi emails slowly over time, and Clinton claimed she was glad they were released.

“I’m glad the emails are starting to come out,” Clinton told reporters back in May. “It’s something I’ve asked to be done for a long time. Those are beginning. I want people to be able to see everything.”

Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi involvement has long drawn political heat for several years now. When asked about the Benghazi coverup, Clinton became infamous for saying, “What difference does it make!” Clinton also blamed an anti-Muslim film maker for Benghazi, and other gaffes made some opine that Clinton should be prosecuted and Obama impeached.

Benghazi attack

Pat Smith, mother of slain Sean Smith, even claimed that Clinton was directly responsible for her son’s death in Benghazi.

“They’re just covering up for Hillary. Hillary killed my son … As far as I can tell from all my sources, she was responsible — directly.”

With a history like this, perhaps it is no surprise that Major Bradley Podliska felt political pressure. The Air Force reservist says he believes the Benghazi committee started with the goal of finding the truth with its Benghazi report, but now he claims the Republican-led House committee needs to be “steered back to its original mission” since it now allegedly has become a “partisan investigation.”

“I knew that we needed to get to the truth to the victims’ families. And the victims’ families, they deserve the truth — whether or not Hillary Clinton was involved, whether or not other individuals were involved,” Podliska told CNN. “The victims’ families are not going to get the truth and that’s the most unfortunate thing about this.”

Podliska says the Benghazi investigation has spent about $4.6 million so far and that Republican Trey Gowdy, who chairs the Benghazi committee, supposedly focused resources almost exclusively on Clinton ever since it was revealed that she used a private email server while serving as U.S. Secretary of State. Hillary Clinton’s Benghazi testimony is scheduled for October 22, 2015, but the Benghazi report will not be released until the 2016 presidential campaigns really start heating up next year.

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Major Bradley Podliska says that he plans on voting for the Republican nominee in 2016, and that he does not support Clinton for president, but he believes he needed to come forward about how the Benghazi committee was biasing their investigation. The former investigator also admits that he is scared by what may happen due to his decision.

“I’m scared. I’m nervous. I know that this is, you know, I’m going up against powerful people in Washington. But at the end of the day I need to live with myself,” he said. “I told my wife, I will view myself as a coward if I don’t do the right thing here.”

The former Benghazi investigator also claimed he was told by the Benghazi committee that he was fired for three reasons: “using work email to send a social invitation to colleagues, assigning an ‘unauthorized project’ to an intern, and allegedly putting classified information on an unclassified system.” According to the New York Times, the Benghazi committee denies these allegations. They claim the U.S. Air Force Major was himself biased, and created “hit pieces” on members of the Obama administration, including Clinton, that had no bearing on the main Benghazi investigation.

“Thus, directly contrary to his brand-new assertion, the employee actually was terminated, in part, because he himself manifested improper partiality and animus in his investigative work,” the statement said. “The committee vigorously denies all of his allegations. Moreover, once legally permitted to do, the committee stands ready to prove his termination was legal, justified and warranted — on multiple levels.”

Major Bradley Podliska is planning on filing a lawsuit against the Benghazi committee based upon his claim of unlawful termination. He is seeking compensation for lost wages and wishes to be reinstated as an investigator for the Benghazi attack report.

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