'Harvest Moon': Hallmark Fall Harvest Movie Kicks Off Holiday Season, Starring Jessy Schram And Jesse Hutch

Harvest Moon is a charming new movie that is slated to air on the Hallmark Channel today. Harvest Moon is part of the four original movies that will air during Hallmark's Fall Harvest. In the upcoming weeks, viewers can expect three other movies that will get them in the mood for the holidays: October Kiss, Autumn Dreams, and Good Witch Halloween. Tonight's Harvest Moon is directed by Peter DeLuise and stars Jessy Schram as Jen and Jesse Hutch as Butch. The cast also includes Willie Aames and Natasha Burnett, according to TV By The Numbers.

October is Fall Harvest time on the Hallmark Channel. [Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel/Facebook]Harvest Moon Synopsis

When a big-city rich girl named Jen Stone is told that her father has gone bankrupt, she goes into a panic, until she is informed that she has one asset left, a dilapidated pumpkin farm on the edge of nowhere's land. Though Jen is not excited by the idea of traveling to a small town country farm, it's all she's got and she's going to make the best of it in order to maintain her lavish lifestyle. Upon arriving, she meets Brett, a handsome hired hand who takes care of the farm. Brett is not at all impressed by her city girl ways and sets out to show the spoiled rich girl what real life is like on a farm. They have two different philosophies on life -- when something is broken Brett wants to fix it, but Jen wants to buy a new one, causing the two to clash over decisions about the farm. Jen plans to develop a new business in pumpkin skin care products and fix up the pumpkin farm to sell to the highest bidder, while Brett fears that the sale of the farm means no work and no home for him. But things look up as the farm's beauty and charm brings them closer together in a romantic way. Will they hold onto the farm and explore this new relationship? Or will Jen's love for money overshadow what's important in life, such as working hard, building happy personal relationships, and falling in love?

Harvest Moon movie [photo credit: Hallmark Channel/Facebook]According to Jessy Schram, who plays the character Jen Stone, some of the scenes in Harvest Moon were hard work but fun to make. In an interview with Hallmark's Home & Family, Schram discussed the scene in Harvest Moon where she has an accident and falls into a muddy puddle. The comical scene is sure to make viewers cringe, but Schram explained that the scene was created by stunt men who dug a whole and filled it with cushions, liners, wood chips, and fresh water. Actress Jessy Schram was raised in Buffalo Grove, Illinois, and got her start in television commercials and stage plays as a child. She has gone on to become successful with roles in Falling Skies, Mad Men, Once Upon A Time, and Lizzie Borden.

Actor Jesse Hutch, who plays Brett, is from Alberta, Canada. He became interested in movies and storytelling at the tender age of 10. Since then, he has enjoyed roles in Let It Snow, True Justice, Joy Ride 3, and Smallville.

"When her family goes bankrupt, privileged city girl Jen Stone travels to the country to try and help a struggling pumpkin farm that her father bought as an investment to get her money back. Not everyone is on board with her changes, least of all Brett, the farm's handsome manager. By working with what she knows best, she just might be able to turn the farm around, while also falling in love."
Spend your Saturday night watching Harvest Moon on The Hallmark Channel at 9/8 central. After it ends, discuss the movie on Twitter and Facebook using hashtags #FallHarvest and #HarvestMoon. Inquisitr recently reported on a couple of other Hallmark movies, such as Signed, Sealed, Delivered: The Impossible Dream and Hello It's Me.

[Photo Credit: Hallmark Channel/ Facebook]