Amy Schumer Preps For First SNL Hosting Gig, Gets Advice From Kevin Hart

Amy Schumer is hosting Saturday Night Live for the first time tonight, a true indication that Schumer’s star has risen to the top. Although performing on the lauded variety show in front of a live audience can sometimes rile up the nerves of even the most seasoned actor, Schumer, whose roots are in stand-up comedy, is expected to take the evening in stride.

Fellow actor and comedian Kevin Hart, however, wanted Schumer to feel the love and support from someone who has been in her shoes, just in case Schumer was feeling a little insecure about tonight. According to Us Weekly, Schumer recently posted a text from Hart to her Twitter account, sharing Kevin Hart’s hilarious, “hostile” advice with Amy’s fans.

Hart’s humorous text tells Schumer, “If you get nervous during your monologue just tell the audience you know me. I promise it will help.” Hart then goes on to tell Schumer she could try to FaceTime with him but that he most likely won’t be available because he’s “busy doing stuff.”

Amy Schumer has had a whirlwind year with her comedy sketch series Inside Amy Schumer receiving rave reviews and Schumer earning her first Emmy for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. Schumer’s starring role in the summer sleeper Trainwreck also received critical acclaim and the film currently sits as the nineteenth top movie of 2015 according to Box Office Mojo, raking in nearly $110 million so far.

Amy Schumer-Emmy Award photo by Jason Leveris/Getty Images

The success is a welcome experience for Schumer, who has clawed her way to the top. At thirty-four-years-old Amy is experiencing the prime of her career at an age in which many actresses lament their acting careers are beginning to taper off.

As Schumer preps for her hosting gig, many are undoubtedly hopeful that the actress will get some help from some of her famous friends onstage. This past summer, the Internet nearly broke when photos of Amy Schumer cavorting with actress Jennifer Lawrence and friends at a lake indicated the two had become best friends. Amy and Jennifer later made headlines again when the two danced atop Billy Joel’s piano at his Wrigley Field concert. Schumer’s Trainwreck co-star, Bill Hader, got his career started on the very SNL stage Amy Schumer will be standing on.

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence at Billy Joel, Wrigley Field Concert photo by Myrna Suarez/Getty Images

One thing the audience can expect for sure from Schumer’s SNL appearance is some sort of film short. The Daily Mail reports that Schumer and SNL cast member Aidy Bryant have been spotted filming scenes around the New York area earlier in the week, suggesting that Amy would be starring in one of SNL‘s often well-received parody commercials or skits.

As SNL enters its forty-first season on the air, it has struggled in the past few years to receive the comedy accolades it did in its prime. One of last season’s most well-received episodes was hosted by veteran comedian Louis C.K. which garnered him an Emmy nomination. The utilization of a hot comic commodity such as Amy Schumer indicates that perhaps SNL is trying to return to its humor roots.

While some question whether or not the current cast of SNL can keep up with Schumer’s quick wit and fast-paced comedy, others are simply hoping it doesn’t end up like so many other hosting gigs — such as Jennifer Lawrence or Justin Bieber’s attempts at hosting — that fell flat after all the hype.

If nothing else, for Amy Schumer’s sake, fans are hopeful the SNL writers are able to come up with some sketches worthy of the comedy diva whose recent tweet suggests hosting SNL has been something Schumer has wanted to do her entire life.

Will you be watching Amy Schumer host SNL? If so, tell us what you think of her performance after the show. For more information on Amy Schumer hosting SNL, check your local listings or click here.

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