Vicki Gunvalson & Brooks Ayers Clash With Shannon Beador & Other Real Housewives On ‘RHOC’ Finale & Reunion

With Vicki Gunvalson defending her former boyfriend’s, Brooks Ayers’, claims that he has cancer and Real Housewives Of Orange County stars such as Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge challenging Vicki’s version, this season of Real Housewives seemed at times to focus more on Brooks and his cancer than on OG (old girl) Gunvalson and her RHOC pals.

Now that the curtain is set to fall on this season of RHOC, it’s time for the Real Housewives finale, to be followed by the reunion orchestrated by Bravo TV maestro Andy Cohen. And a hint of what will happen in the Real Housewives Of Orange County finale when it comes to Ayers and Gunvalson, as well as the RHOC reunion, has been given by the network, reported CarterMatt.

Although the crux of the drama has focused on Vicki Gunvalson and Brooks Ayers, Shannon Beador increasingly took the spotlight with her belief that she was forced to participate in the does-he-or-doesn’t-he-have-cancer controversy.

Shannon Beador speaks out on Brooks Ayers' cancer claims.

The finale features the baptism of Tamra Judge. However, Vicki makes it clear that she’s suffering from all the battles she’s waged on behalf of Brooks. And when Shannon finally faces off with Gunvalson over Ayers, it will be dramatically different from the old days of relaxed gossip over cocktails and cheese crackers.

Just how much has Vicki suffered? Gunvalson seems to be comparing herself to Jesus on the cross in claiming she’s being “crucified,” which may shock some viewers.

Brooks Ayers and Vicki Gunvalson have become isolated from the other stars of "Real Housewives" who doubt his cancer claims.

But some followers of Tamra are appalled that an occasion for religious peace, that is, the baptism for which Judge has long planned, is staged to turn into yet another dramalogue over bitter bickering among the Real Housewives, based on their responses to her Instagram post.

“Who’s ready for next weeks season finale,” asked Tamra.

"The Real Housewives Of Orange County" season is set to stage their finale and reunion shows: What drama lies ahead?

In response, some praised her religious honesty, but others criticized the season’s focus on the cancer controversy.

“Such an awkward season to watch. The subject matter of cancer, religion, and fighting at beautiful baptisms. It’s Sad that everyone is paid well on the show for this kind of story line.”

The battle that’s been waged throughout the RHOC season has placed Ayers and Gunvalson on one side and Meghan Edmonds, whom Brooks threatened to sue, as well as Shannon, Tamra, and Heather Dubrow on the other, reported Hollywood Take.

Ayers and Gunvalson (Team Brooks & Vicki) insist that no fiction exists in their descriptions of his medical records. But the other Real Housewives (Team RH) increasingly doubt their claims.

And the reunion chart given ahead of time by Bravo TV gives a hint of how the much-awaited episode will play out.

RHOC reunion seating chart hints at upcoming debate.

For Vicki, the result is so much stress that she recently headed off with pals for a detox weekend that included meditation, hiking, and yoga. But even as Gunvalson tried to relax, those on Team RH contend that when Brooks announced he was quitting chemotherapy and undergoing holistic treatments, it was an indication that he was falsifying the status of his health. Shannon also went to a lot of work to research doctors for Ayers, and he ignored that effort.

All of the battles have put Vicki in a corner, with even her daughter, Briana, doubting her mom’s insistence that Brooks has cancer. Briana is an ER nurse, and she shared what she discovered when she pressed Brooks Ayers to tell her the shocking truth, as the Inquisitr revealed.

Briana, an ER nurse, is Vicki Gunvalson's daughter, and even she doubts her mother.

Among those avoiding Vicki are Heather, Tamra, and Shannon.

But as the Inquisitr reported, Bravo maestros Andy Cohen and John Hill have given hints of what will happen on the Real Housewives Of Orange County reunion show that indicate even the producers are admitting they doubt Ayers’ authenticity.

Cohen revealed that he interviewed Brooks, and their discussion will air during the reunion show. Andy promised that viewers will learn the truth about Ayers after that interview.

John Hill, a producer, offered even more insights after viewing the interview between Andy and the embattled ex-boyfriend of Vicki Gunvalson.

“I watched that entire thing and I was riveted,” said John. “I wouldn’t be surprised if [Brooks’ cancer diagnosis is] fake… If something is true, he wouldn’t be defending it like he is.”

What do you think? Is Vicki Gunvalson right in defending Brooks to her former Real Housewives girlfriends and her daughter, or is Brooks Ayers lying? Post your views below.

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