Katy Perry Dishes On Who She’s Attracted To

Katy Perry knows what she is looking for in men.

And according to a Glamour interview Perry participated in for a recent article, Katy thinks there’s a fine (hair)line between what’s acceptable for men.

“If your teeth and nails are good, you’re a candidate. If you can’t clean under your nails and you want to touch me, forget it. And personally, the less hair, the better. I like a trimmed man but not completely waxed. I’m not into that f–kboy look.”

So what exactly is the expletive term Perry uses supposed to mean? According to Entertainment Tonight, it’s pretty much what it sounds like it: a male who sleeps with women without wanting relationships with them.

In addition to a well-groomed man, Perry is also looking for someone who is intelligent. Telling Harper’s Bazaar last year she had to work later in life on her education level, Katy wants someone with a little brains to go with their good looks.

“In my late 20s, I’ve educated myself more than I did growing up because I wasn’t able to have a great education. [That’s why] I’ve always been very attracted to gentlemen who have quite large vocabularies,” she added. “One of my favorite apps is the Dictionary.com app.”

Perry furthered that sentiment about her education in her Glamour conversation.

“Well, I don’t know everything; I don’t have a great education. Some would consider asking questions about mundane things or what a word means a flaw, but I love that I do that.”

Katy didn’t just talk about men in the recent articles. Perry also confesses what it’s like to be at home with the pop star. Her stage persona and home appearance look completely different, Katy told the publication.

“I’m Katy Perry onstage. At home I’m Katheryn Hudson. I’ve created this cartoon look when performing, but offstage I don’t always have three hours to put it together.”

Beyond her Glamour talk, Katy is staying busy helping Hillary Clinton with her presidential campaign. According to the online blog The Hill, Perry will perform at a rally later this month in Des Moines, Iowa, for the Democratic candidate.

Perry has even offered to write a theme song for the presidential front-runner. Katy is just the latest famous friend of the Clinton campaign who is helping the former First Lady to court a younger audience of potential voters.

Music News also reported that Katy will release the concert film The Prismatic World Tour Live on DVD and Blu-ray on October 30. In the film, fans can expect to see Perry perform “Roar,” “Firework,” “I Kissed A Girl,” “Dark Horse,” “California Gurls,” and “Hot N Cold.” The footage for the show was shot in Sydney during her December, 2014, visit.

Katy Perry Prism

After the tour, could Katy be working on her next album? Kpop Starz wrote that her next album — the follow-up to her record-smashing Prism release in 2013 — should be finished by 2016. Her manager also teased that a reinvention of the singer could be in the works as she transitions to a different style of music.

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[Image by Raphael Dias/Getty Images]