Jinger Duggar and Sister Jana Allegedly Fighting Over Lawson Bates

Rumors have been flying for a while now that Jinger Duggar and Lawson Bates are courting, but just not ready to tell everyone about it yet. These two seem like a perfect match and it has seemed fairly obvious that at least one Duggar would date a Bates. Now, sources are saying that Jana Duggar is upset with Jinger because she originally had wanted to date Lawson, but she isn’t the one who ended up with him. The two Duggar girls are close to the same age so he really could have dated either one of them. She Knows recently shared that this courtship could be causing a few problems between the Duggar sisters of 19 Kids and Counting.

Earlier in 2015, reports came out that Jana Duggar was interested in courting Lawson Bates. Sources said that Jana was originally going to court Zach Bates, but that didn’t work out and she moved on to Lawson. Well, it sounds like he didn’t work out, either, and Jana Duggar is still single. Jana Duggar is the oldest Duggar sister and has not shared if she is courting anyone at all. Her sisters, Jill and Jessa, are already married, but Jana is still living at home and helping take care of the younger children. If she really did have eyes for Lawson Bates, Jana likely won’t be happy that Jinger ended up being the one to steal his heart.

At this time, Jinger and Lawson are not commenting on the dating rumors. They recently went to Tennessee for the weekend to hit up a football game. Both of them had siblings along with them; Jinger and Lawson didn’t say they were together, either. Regardless, they do make an adorable couple.

Thus far, Jana Duggar has not actually courted anyone that the family has shared. There were rumors that the family wanted to set her up with football player Tim Tebow. There was also talk of her dating Zach Bates. However, it looks like Jana Duggar hasn’t found the perfect person yet and is just waiting for the right man to come along.

The Hollywood Gossip shared back in September that it looked like Jinger Duggar had found love with Lawson Bates. They were both at Amy Duggar’s wedding to Dillon King. Jinger and Lawson were seen together in pictures from the wedding. They were staying right next to each other. It is hard to find proof that Duggars are courting though considering that there is no PDA at all. They do not kiss, hold hands or even front hug until they are engaged or married. There is no reason for someone to catch a photo that proves anything since they just look like friends when out in public. Jinger Duggar and Lawson Bates are being very careful too if they are courting. They would want to tell everyone on their own terms.

Do you think that Jana Duggar is mad at Jinger over Lawson? Can these two Duggar sisters make it through the alleged spat? Now that 19 Kids and Counting is not airing new episodes, fans will have to wait for an official announcement or if Jinger’s alleged new courtship ends up being shown on the upcoming specials about her sisters, Jill and Jessa. Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts.

[Photo by Duggar Family/Instagram]