Kylie Jenner’s Style Secrets Revealed: What It Takes To Look Like The Teen

There’s no doubt that Kylie Jenner is building her own army of lookalikes. There are hundreds of teen girls on social media that are dressing and styling themselves like the famous reality star. But what does it really take to look like Kylie Jenner on a daily basis?

Cosmopolitan’s online fashion and beauty editor, Brooke Shunatona, agreed to live a week in Kylie Jenner’s shoes. Literally. She purchased the Jenner teen’s expensive shoes and clothing. She didn’t realize the amount of trouble the model goes through when it comes to wearing sexy outfits, putting on makeup, and maintaining her social media accounts.

The first thing she did to look like Kylie was get a set of long and squared-off acrylic nails painted in gray. She also had celebrity spray tanner Kristyn Pradas come to her home to give her a special treatment.

“I went full Kylie with the home visit because Kylie would never leave the comfort of her own home for a spray tan – she’s not a regular person, after all.”

She also used beauty and makeup tutorials from Kylie Jenner’s website to put her look together, which took over an hour each day. But instead of plumping her lips with temporary filler, Brooke stuck with just overlining them. She also stalked on the variety of styles and colors for her Kylie-inspired wig wardrobe.

Shunatona shared her experience in a video montage she created, as seen above. Her day-to-day tasks either slowed down or were replaced because she had to document her every move. Jenner’s makeup and beauty routine also took up a good chunk of the editor’s time. Getting into curve-hugging dresses and over-the-knee boots with super-long nails wasn’t easy, of course. Shunatona found out that living like the famous Jenner teen was not glamorous, it was “emotionally draining.”

“It might sound like an easy job, but devoting a huge chunk of time and thought every day to your makeup, hair, and outfit, plus to taking the perfect photo, all while maintaining a full-time job, is not easy.”

Even if it’s exhausting to look like Kylie Jenner, that hasn’t stopped some from wanting to use some of her beauty secrets. The teen took to Instagram to share a photo of her cleavage and butt, claiming that Pure Leef’s enhancing creams make her curvier. But do the products really work? Fusion’s staff writer Hannah Smothers set out to try the exact product that Kylie Jenner boasts about on her Instagram page.

(Credit: Kylie Jenner/Instagram)

Or, at least ask questions about it. She did admit that was not willing to try the products out on herself, even if they claim to have “all-natural ingredients.” Instead, she gathered some customer reviews from Amazon. In her findings, there were a handful of happy customers who were pleased with the results, while others feel like they were duped. There were also a handful of reviews that claimed they got a weird rash after using the cream, while others say it leaves a weird tingling sensation.

The over 91 reviews on the Amazon page for Pure Leef’s Body Plumping Cream were an even mix of positive and negative reviews, resulting in a 3.3. rating.

While it’s impossible to model your body after Kylie Jenner, you can snag a few of her beauty secrets. The famous Jenner teen shared another video of herself on her new beauty app and website. In this latest video, she gives her friend Tiffany a mini makeover. Jenner shows her fans how they can flawlessly apply the often tricky cat-eye look.

The video shows the reality star placing two pieces of Scotch tape underneath her friend’s eyes before apply the cat-eye, which is a known trick among makeup artists. Kylie also revealed that doing your friend’s makeup is the ideal stress reliever.

“I do Tiffany’s makeup all the time. Like, any time I’m bored or I’m sad or anything, I just call her and do her makeup.”

It’s obvious that Kylie Jenner’s makeup skills are quite impressive. Maybe that’s something she should cash into, instead of wigs and beauty endorsements.

What are your thoughts on Kylie Jenner’s style secrets? Are there some that you’re willing to try out? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Image: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]