Try on some bacon for those tired footsies

I have to be honest here – I don't get this thing about bacon. Yes I like it with a side of eggs and home-fries, and I'll love you forever if you throw in a nice Montreal bagel to go with it. That doesn't mean though that bacon is meant for anything else especially being used to decorate a pair of loafers.

It's bad enough we have Bacon Vodka ( still think we should seriously shoot whoever came up with that idea) but does that really mean you should be forking over $60 for a custom designed pair of shoes that aren't even made from real bacon – just a fancy fabric substitute. At least the beef jerky underwear were made from the real thing.

If you insist though on getting yourself a pair head over to the Keds store on Zazzle and fine tune yourself a pair of Bacon shoes, but guys before you get too excited this is a woman only offer at the moment – sorry.


hat tip to geekologie