Mike Nolan, MLB Prospect Killed: Oakland A's Draft Pick Succumbs To Wounds From Drive-By

As the American and National League Division Series are being played, Major League Baseball is short one young recruit. Michael Nolan, who was signed by the Oakland A's in June 2014 and seen as a "promising prospect" for MLB, has died from gunshot wounds inflicted in a drive-by shooting in Yonkers, New York, that occurred on September 18, reports Pix11.

Twenty-three-year-old Mike Nolan lingered in a coma for just over two weeks before his family announced on Thursday that doctors at Jacobi Hospital had pronounced him brain dead, prompting his parents to make the gut-wrenching decision to take him off of life-support.

"He went brain dead yesterday and we're gonna do the right thing, we're gonna donate his organs," Mike Nolan's father Jimmy was quoted on Friday, reportedly as his eyes filled with tears and his voice "quavered." "It's like -- ah, this kid's gonna be missed."

Oakland A's prospect Mike Nolan killed.
[MLB Photo by Brandon Wade / Getty Images]Jimmy Nolan stated that he feels there's an overabundance of guns on the streets and lamented his son's death, noting that he was a "good kid" and that he "had a full ride to college," reports CBS.

Jimmy Nolan is reported to be employed as a carpenter who worked at ground zero following the September 11 attacks. He now suffers from respiratory illness.

MLB's Oakland A's tweeted with regard to Nolan's passing.

Mike Nolan was reportedly standing outside of a Burger King restaurant with friends in Yonkers, early in the morning on September 18. A car drove up, the window rolled down, and a gun was aimed at the young pitcher. Nolan was hit in the arm and in the head. "Five or six shots" in total were fired, reports CBS. The car is described as a "pale or yellow-colored Honda."

The suspect drove away and Nolan was rushed to the hospital in an ambulance. There have been no arrests and police have reportedly not been able to identify a suspect.

"This is not a random shooting," Charles Garner the Yonkers police chief was quoted. Police believe that Nolan may have been involved in drag racing, a "popular activity" in the area, and that somehow this is related to his death. The chief stated that police were investigating every possible avenue available to them including "license plate readers, red-light cameras, any video we can find."

Michael Nolan, dead at 23.
[MLB Photo by Noah Graham / Getty Images]Mike Nolan was signed by the Oakland A's early in the 2014 season, but went home to Yonkers with an injury that kept him from playing. He was subsequently put on the restricted list with the minor league Arizona League Athletics. He was reportedly getting set to begin training with the team again this past week.

"This person that did this has destroyed my family," Donna Nolan, Mike Nolan's mother stated. "His grandparents, his cousins, his aunts, his uncles, so many people's lives have been turned upside down. For what? For an argument that you didn't even have with my son, but because you wanted to shoot into a crowd? It's gotta stop."

The mayor of Yonkers, Mike Spano, tweeted in remembrance of Nolan as well.

Those with information about Micheal Nolan's death have been asked to confidentially call the Detective Division of the Yonkers Police at (914) 377-7724 or text "ypd" plus the information to 847411.

President Barack Obama is reported to be considering using his executive powers in a move to reduce the number of guns on American streets and stem the tide of gun related deaths and violence, as reported by the Inquisitr. Jimmy Nolan stated that he is understanding of people with "legit" guns. However, he feels that police "stop and frisk" procedures are due for a comeback.

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