Shia LaBeouf Arrested In Austin, Is He Headed For Another Breakdown?

Controversial actor Shia LaBeouf was arrested Friday evening outside an Austin, Texas, bar on the charge of public intoxication, according to USA Today. LaBeouf was apparently attending the Austin City Limits Music Festival when he was apprehended without incident.

Shia LaBeouf mugshot/Austin Police Department

TMZ broke the story with several witness accounts that Shia appeared to be high on drugs or intoxicated, dangerously running up and down the street and jaywalking even after LaBeouf was warned by police officers to stop doing so. Several photos and videos of LaBeouf’s arrest were circulating through social media directly following the incident.

This wasn’t the first time in handcuffs for Shia. LaBeouf’s legal woes date as far back as 2005 when Shia was first arrested for assault with a deadly weapon after driving his car into a neighbor and threatening him with a knife. LaBeouf has since been arrested five more times, including Friday’s Austin debacle.

While LaBeouf has struggled with a history of substance abuse issues, he had recently spent time in court ordered treatment following a June, 2014, arrest for disorderly conduct. Many had hoped treatment would be the catalyst for Shia to leave his tumultuous past behind, however, Friday’s arrest seems to indicate otherwise.

Shia LaBeouf became best known in his early acting career for his role on the Disney Channel’s Even Stevens. He seemingly found a career in movies when he was chosen to star in the children’s classic Holes and went on to star in the first three blockbuster Transformers films. Shia’s decline in Hollywood, however, came in the form of his adamant protesting of big budget films and a string of very odd public meltdowns.

After stating he was “retiring from public life” according to Variety, LaBeouf arrived for the screening Nymphomaniac: Part 1 sporting a stylish tuxedo as well as a paper bag over his head. The paper bag had the phrase “I’m not famous anymore” scribbled on it in bold ink. Shia stated the paper bag appearance was part of his venture into performance art.

LaBeouf’s performance art entitled #IAmSorry, took place for a week at a gallery in Los Angeles in which Shia sat in a room wearing the same paper bag and allowed patrons to select one “implement” to use against him. LaBeouf divulged during an interview with Ellen Degeneres that he allowed patrons to abuse him as a means of letting people get rid of their negativity towards him. Though Shia stated on Ellen that most people were “very loving” rather than abusive, in November of 2014, rumors began to surface that LaBeouf had been raped during the performance. In December, Shia confirmed those rumors.

Though Shia LaBeouf’s most recent notoriety came from a motivational video that became a viral sensation in which LaBeouf kept yelling, “Just do it,” Shia’s arrest this evening is sure to spark speculation about whether or not he is coming off the rails once again.

While actors such as Robert Downey, Jr. and Drew Barrymore have been able to rebound from substance abuse issues and legal woes, and emerge with highly-successful careers, many are concerned that LaBeouf’s frequent erratic behavior will leave Shia destined for a more disastrous fate.

Is Shia LaBeouf just another child star gone wrong or will he be able to pull himself together to continue a lucrative career? Tell us what you think.

[Shia LaBeouf cover image courtesy of Michael Tran/Getty Images.]