Artist Paints Portrait Of Vladimir Putin Using Her Bare Breasts For His 63rd Birthday, Painting Stolen Before Delivery

Vladimir Putin was set to receive an unusual gift from a beautiful Russian artist for his 63rd birthday. However, the gift was stolen before delivery, as the buxom beauty waited to board a train bound for the Kremlin. Artist Irina Romanovskaya says a portrait of Vladimir Putin, which she painted using her bare breasts, was stolen from the train station. The artist says that if the portrait is not returned she will create another piece for the Russian leader using the same technique.

The Daily Mail reports that Russian artist Irina Romanovskaya received “worldwide” coverage when she created a piece of artwork for Vladimir Putin using her cleavage instead of her hands. The brunette beauty says she used her bare breasts to create the portrait of the Russian leader and is known for the unusual technique. In fact, Romanovskaya says she specializes in painting with her bare bust which she claims “sell well and expensively” with “foreign collectors” of her unusual art form.

Irina Romanovskaya

The artist explains that the use of her breasts to create the artwork is labor intensive and “more complicated” than traditional painting as it is easier to make mistakes. Irina notes that she creates the paintings by placing the paint directly onto her bust and then pressing the canvas against her skin. The paint then transfers to the canvas and the art begins to form.

Therefore, for Vladimir Putin’s 63rd birthday, the artist decided to create a custom piece for the leader. She created a portrait of the veteran leader using only her bust. After publicizing her feat, the artwork was covered in the media and ultimately may have led to the theft. Irina notes that “half of the country knew where was I going with it” and that “maybe it was stolen intentionally.”

Photo of Vladimir Putin

Though the reason for the portrait theft is unknown, Irina says that she will get a special portrait to Putin one way or another. She notes that police are searching the train station but have so far come up empty-handed. In the meantime, Irina has plans to create a new portrait for the leader using her bust. She says that she will give the new portrait to the leader on his 64th birthday.

Check out the video below that shows exactly how Irina creates her unique artwork.

So how does Romanovskaya think the Russian leader will react to the painting after learning about the unusual technique used to create it? Irina says that she is not sure how he will react but that “probably nobody has drawn Putin like that with the chest.” She says that the unusual method is not without purpose. Romanovskaya says she wants to bring awareness to artists, and the art community as a whole, and that sometimes unusual methods are needed to garner attention.

“I would like the politicians to pay attention to the artists because nobody pays any attention to artists. They are on their own doing something. I would like the authorities to pay attention to them and then somehow start helping them.”

What do you think of artist Irina Romanovskaya’s unusual portrait technique? Do you think the Russian leader Vladimir Putin will appreciate the unique method of creation?

[Image Credit: Irina Romanovskays LiveJournal]