Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel Now Available In ‘Marvel Heroes’ With ‘All-New, All-Different’ Update

With the new All-New, All-Different line of comics rebranding the Marvel Universe this year, the action RPG Marvel Heroes is ready to include the newest costumes for some of the most popular heroes. This includes Ms. Marvel’s new Captain Marvel moniker, her new punk-like style haircut, and her new costume which are now default to the hero. Players that have already unlocked Captain Marvel can enter the code “DANVERS” on the official website key redemption area to receive the costume. The All-New, All Different updates continue with new costumes for Scarlet Witch, Thor, Spider-Man, and X-23.

Captain Marvel may be seeing the most changes to her default look and character, but the other heroes listed have some fresh options. Scarlet Witch will be able to don a new All-New, All-Different costume, Thor can be played as Jane Foster, Spider-Man can be played as Spider-Gwen, and X-23 can use her new Wolverine costume. It is important to note that the playable Spider-Gwen costume is currently only available to players that purchased the Team-Up Advance Pack 2. This pre-purchase granted a month’s worth of early access to the costume for Spider-Man, and it will be available to everyone in about a month. Marvel Heroes players can check out the official site for a little more lore on the new costumes and hero designs.

Marvel Heroes

Spider-Gwen is available to all right now in the form of a team-up, though. Players can pick up the webslinger sidekick for 750 Gs or 400 Eternity Splinters. That amount of Marvel Heroes Gs is about $7.50, and Eternity Splinters can be found by simply playing the game. The in-game currency drops very regularly and is used for a variety of purchases. Eternity Splinters can be used to buy things like new heroes, team-ups, pets, and even a one-time purchase of additional S.T.A.S.H. space.

Players ready to plunge into everything that is new and different can pick up the All-New, All-Different Pack from the Marvel Heroes store. The $40 bundle includes the playable Captain Marvel, her personal S.T.A.S.H. space, the Spider-Gwen team-up, the Spider-Gwen Enhanced costume for Spider-Man, the Jane Foster Enhanced costume for Thor, Scarlet Witch’s All-New, All Different costume, the All-New Wolverine costume for X-23, and five special item find boosts. The team pack is available for a limited time for $40, and it can be picked up from the Marvel Heroes shop on the official website. The pack is also available via Steam right now as well.

Marvel Heroes

The Marvel Heroes update also fixed a number of bugs, reintroduces the Operation Omega event, and adds a free team-up hero to the game. As found on the official forums, the patch notes indicate that players can recruit the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent team-up by visiting the Recon Post in Lowtown. Players can find Agent Rob Lui to pick up their new team-up by using a waypoint terminal, selecting chapter three, and warping to Lowntown. Simply enter the barbershop located shortly after the waypoint entry point and click on the barber’s chair to enter the Recon Post.

Marvel Heroes

All of the new costumes and heroes join a roster of 51 playable heroes and 37 team-up characters (some of which are the same team-up with a different appearance) in Marvel Heroes. Just last week, as the Inquisitr divulged, Kitty Pryde released as the latest playable hero with Sunspot being added to the lengthy list of team-ups. For those unaware, team-ups are a big part of Marvel Heroes that can really change the way the game is played. Team-ups can perform alongside the player character, help out as temporary assists, or they can provide reasonable passive aid to the player depending on how each team-up’s power points and stance are chosen.

Will you be taking Spider-Gwen out for swing in Marvel Heroes?

[Images via Marvel, Marvel Heroes]