Watch The Original Voices Of Disney’s ‘Aladdin’ Sing ‘A Whole New World’ — Robin Williams Outtakes As The Genie

Just in case you wanted to feel a little old or perhaps nostalgic, Disney is releasing one of its hit animated features, Aladdin, on Blu-ray this Tuesday. One of the true Disney classics, it is iconic in the world of animation and the music is almost unmatched. That’s why it will bring chills to you as the original singing voices came together to sing “A Whole New World” in amazing fashion.

The cast reunited on Good Morning America on Friday morning and it was to celebrate the Blu-ray release of the film which hit theaters back in 1992. On Oct. 13, the Aladdin: Diamond Edition will see the film come out of the Disney Vault and be made available for a limited time.

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As MTV reported, Scott Weinger and Linda Larkin were the speaking voices of Aladdin and Jasmine, but they didn’t provide the vocals for the songs. On Friday morning’s GMA, Brad Kane and Lea Salonga reunited to perform the hit “A Whole New World,” and they sounded as if they were still 23-years younger.

Oh, they had a little bit of help, as famous Disney composer Alan Menken was there with his piano and played the music.

Behind them on stage were filmmakers John Musker and Ron Clements who were joined by Weinger and Larkin. As is now known, Weinger had tried to be the singing voice of Aladdin, but just couldn’t cut it so that was when Brad Kane was brought in.

Menken spoke of when he got the music for “A Whole New World” together with the late, great Howard Ashman before flying to meet Tim Rice, who would later write the lyrics for the Oscar-winning hit.

“I quickly put together this one, and ‘One Jump,’ and quickly flew over to London to meet Tim Rice. We knew this was going to be the magic carpet trip.”

During the segment on Good Morning America, the group onstage spoke of the late Robin Williams who masterfully voiced The Genie in Aladdin. Williams committed suicide last year at the far too early at the age of just 63.

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As Yahoo! had reported, a coroner’s report stated that Williams had Lewy Body Dementia, and it may have possibly led to his decision to commit suicide. Musker spoke on GMA about their lost friend and said, “He was the Genie…he was bigger than life.”

Menken said “it was amazing working with Robin. Absolutely incredible.” Others spoke on the masterful actor and comedian as Musker added that the part of The Genie was written with “Robin in mind. We didn’t know if he would do it, and fortunately for us, he did.”

On GMA, there were even some clips shown of Williams voicing The Genie, never-before-seen outtakes, that show just just how creative he was.

The filmmakers said that they honestly would have been in “big trouble” if Williams had declined to take the role because the “whole concept was built around” him. They said he would record four hours straight at times and give them so much to work with.

No matter how long the vocal sessions went, Williams was sweating profusely, but never tired and was always ready to do more. There was truly no-one like him and it shows in every role he ever had.

Aladdin was already released last week on digital HD and Disney Movies Anywhere, but the Diamond Edition Blu-ray combo is coming on Tuesday. Seeing and hearing the original voices come together to sing “A Whole New World” and watching Robin Williams perform as The Genie is more than enough reason to watch the Disney classic time and time again.

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