Carnival Cruise Brawl Erupts Among Passengers Fighting For Cheeseburgers [Video]

Several Carnival Cruise passengers reportedly experienced a “meltdown” while standing in line for cheeseburgers.

Perhaps this brawl gives a new meaning to “cruisin’ for a bruisin.'”

Ironically, an innocent bystander to the fracas can be seen on the cell phone video wearing a T-shirt with the sensible words “keep calm and cruise on.”

Also visible in the video (embedded below), which was originally uploaded to LiveLeak, is a man who intervenes in the melee to carry a woman involved away from the altercation.

The encounter on the Carnival Breeze cruise ship reportedly occurred outside Guy’s Burger Joint, an eatery co-venture between Carnival Cruise lines and the ubiquitous celebrity chef Guy Fieri, who is best known for his various Food Network television shows.

The on-board restaurant features what is touted as Guy’s signature, made-to-order burger creations.

“The incident happened in front of Carnival’s Guy’s Burger Joint when three female passengers confronted another female passenger and started kicking her,” the Crew Center website claimed.

This shipboard “beef” over the waiting time for Carnival cheeseburgers apparently took place either in late September or early October, but the footage only recently surfaced on social media.

Departing from either Galveston, Texas, or Miami, the 1004-foot, 130,000 gross ton Carnival Breeze traverses the Caribbean for up to nine days at a time with a capacity of 3,690 passengers. The ship also has about 10 restaurants, although apparently tempers flared in this particular instance when only a few of them were serving at the time.

Carnival Breeze cruise ship, Carnival cruise lines

A witness to the cheeseburger controversy provided the Cruise Hive website with the following purported inside information.

“I was in that sailing, but was getting pizza when I heard about it. Most people were getting back on the ship and the buffet had closed. Only Guys Burger’s, the Deli and the Pizza place were open. The incident happened after the last port, Aruba. I’m not sure if Security got involved, but at the Q&A on Saturday morning, the question was asked about the ship’s jail & if the two women were held there. The response was no.”

“It’s not clear exactly what happened but from looking at the video it seems the brawl was between some women while either waiting in line at Guy’s Burger Joint or near the line….This is not how guests should act during a cruise and is totally not acceptable…Cruise Hive has contacted the cruise line regarding this on board brawl and will let readers know what response is given,” Cruise Hive added.

brawl breaks out on Carnival cruise ship
Separately, as the Inquisitr previously reported, a fire broke out on Carnival cruise ship Carnival Liberty in September, prompting an evacuation of all the passengers, who were flown home from St. Thomas a mere one day into their one-week cruise.

In another development this summer, subject to certain exceptions, Carnival banned most bottled beverages, such as water, from being brought aboard by guests because evidently a lot of passengers were filling those bottles with alcohol rather than H20. As the Inquisitr previously suggested, guests often smuggle their own booze on board cruise ships for a voyage both to enjoy in their staterooms without venturing to a bar, and also to avoid paying the notoriously high prices for beer, wine, and cocktails that most cruise ships charge.

“[Carnival] claims inspecting a growing number of bottles was bogging down embarkation, and that episodes of bad behavior on ships often trace back to smuggled alcohol,” USA TODAY reported.

Setting aside a burger-related brawl on the Carnival Breeze cruise ship, have you ever witnessed an unusual occurrence while taking a cruise?

[Carnival Breeze photos by Andy Newman/Carnival Cruise Lines via Getty Images]