Jayde Pierce: Who is Justin Bieber’s Rumored Girlfriend? [Photos]

Ever since Justin Bieber’s nude photo scandal happened, everyone’s been wondering about his new girlfriend Jayde Pierce. The dark-haired beauty is currently in Bora Bora with the Canadian pop star as he takes a break from promoting his new album, Purpose.

Justin Bieber nearly broke the internet when his nude photos were leaked onto the internet, thanks to the New York Daily News. That caused silly phrases like “What Do You Peen?” or “Peen Gate” to exploded on several social media sites. Some were not only shocked to see that the Biebs was packing, but he was seen with Jayde Pierce yet again. Now the 19-year-old beauty is making headlines on Friday, thanks to his nude photo scandal.


This isn’t the first time that Justin and Jayde were photographed together. The dating rumors started in May 2015 when they were spotted hiking together. They even shared some of the moments from their date on Instagram and Snapchat. Jayde later denied the dating rumors during her August 2015 interview with the Mirror. She said that although she and Justin are quite flirty with each other, they don’t do much except for talk all the time.

“People think Justin must be a brat and arrogant but he’s nothing like that. He’s a really tactile guy. He loves cuddles. Honestly, most of the time we spent chatting. Nothing more. He’d tell me, ‘You don’t need makeup. You look pretty naturally.’ And he loved my British accent. I definitely fancied him, too.”

So, who is Jayde Pierce, you’re asking? Well she’s a British model, according to her Instagram page. It’s unclear if she’s a high-fashion model, a catalog model, or just another Instagram model. She also calls herself a blogger and a makeup artist. When she’s not modeling, Pierce is often seen sharing her makeup and beauty tips on her own YouTube page. In addition to sharing her tips on YouTube, she also shows her fans how they can attain the success that she quickly achieved on social media.


When she’s not constantly promoting herself on her social media accounts, Jayde is often sharing inspiring quotes and photos of food, endorsing beauty products, and addressing the rumors that follow her on a daily basis. It must be exhausting for her to deal with the constant rumors that she’s dating Justin Bieber, but some fans would kill to be in her place. After all, she’s gorgeous, successful, and she’s linked to one of the hottest male pop stars at the moment.

Justin Bieber is a lucky man, as well. Jayde has taken to Instagram to share several pictures of herself in a bikini and her Bora Bora vacation with her 210,000 followers, which is probably making some of her male followers jealous. There’s no doubt that she’s making some of Justin’s fans mad, as well.

Luckily for her, Pierce wasn’t caught in the middle of the Biebs’ nude photo scandal. The model was photographed in a white terrycloth robe as Bieber was seen walking around in the buff. But Pierce’s fans can just visit her Instagram page to check out photos of her in string bikinis and skimpy lingerie.

So, how did the two meet? When Jayde spoke to the British tabloid, she said that he contacted her through her Instagram page.

“I saw there was a tick by his name showing it’s an official account. I thought, ‘sh*t, Justin Bieber just messaged me.’ I have no idea how he came to look at my page. I was at a family party in London at the time and I was like, ‘What?.’ I said to my friend, ‘Justin Bieber just messaged me — look.'”

After the two conversed on Instagram, the Biebs asked Pierce for her phone number where they started texting each other on a regular basis. She also admits that she’s a Belieber. She smiled when she spoke of his singing voice, “His voice is a dream. When he started singing I was like, ‘Oh Jesus…'”


But despite their flirtatious banter and constant texts, Jayde says that they’re “just friends.” Despite their long-distance friendship, the two try to visit each other whenever one is traveling in the U.S. or the UK. What are your thoughts on Jayde Pierce? Do you think she’s dating Justin Bieber? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

[Images: Jayde Pierce via Instagram]