Justin Bieber's Dad Just Responded To His Nude Pictures, And It Was Really Creepy

You probably already know this, but some nude images of Justin Bieber were caught by the paparazzi and have being doing the rounds online over the last 24 hours. Some of you have probably already clicked across the world wide web to have a look at them.

One person who certainly has is Justin Bieber's father, Jeremy Bieber. But rather than having a sneaky peek at his son's body and keeping quiet about it, which would be weird enough to begin with, Jeremy Bieber decided to let the entire world join in the awkwardness.


That's because Jeremy Bieber took to his Twitter account to make a joke and comment about his son's penis, and it is probably just about the creepiest thing you will ever see on the internet, which is saying something.

You can check out Jeremy Bieber's response to the release of the Justin Bieber nude pictures below.

So, not only did Jeremy Bieber think it was his time and place to make a comment on his son's penis, but he also wanted to reveal just how proud he is of his son for it length. That's okay, though, because he then tried to cover up the awkwardness with an emoji of a blushing face.

But the damage was already done, because as you can imagine, people soon took to Twitter to register their shock and disgust at Jeremy Bieber's quip regarding his son's pictures, with most people simply branding his comments "weird" and "inappropriate."

According to the Daily Mail, other responses from Twitter users included "This sounds weird," "Disgusting," and "God I really hope not that's just so creepy and gross and inappropriate."

However, despite these responses, Jeremy Bieber's post was still retweeted close to 5,000 times, while it has also been favorited another 4,100.

The nude pictures of 21-year-old Justin Bieber emerged yesterday and immediately started to go viral. They were captured while the singer was on vacation in Bora Bora, where he is currently staying with Jayde Pierce, as he moved from his bungalow to an outside jacuzzi.

attends the 11th Annual Desert Smash Hosted By Will Ferrell Benefiting Cancer For College at La Quinta Resort and Club on March 10, 2015 in La Quinta, California.

Jeremy Bieber and Justin's mother, Patricia Mallette, split when Justin was still a toddler. Because of this, he wasn't always around when Justin was growing up, but over recent years, the pair have become closer. Jeremy is a former carpenter and pro-am mixed martial artist, however, it's not currently known if he's employed.

Jeremy Bieber wasn't the only person to respond to the release of nude pictures of Justin Bieber. In fact, the internet soon became awash with remarks from users who just couldn't help but comment.

Since the release of the pictures, there have been various rumors about how Justin Bieber is going to respond, with TMZ alleging that the singer is already talking to lawyers about how to proceed.

However, despite the severity of this incident, Justin Bieber has other problems to contend with because MMA fighter Ronda Rousey is also on the hunt for him after he was allegedly rude to her little sister at the Cannes Film Festival. Rousey told Cosmopolitan that Bieber ignored her request for her sister to get a picture, and she even insisted that they are no longer "Beliebers" because of his snub.

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