Norman Reedus Shares ‘The Walking Dead’ Spoiler About Daryl Dixon’s Love Life, Talks Upcoming ‘Caryl’ Moment

Norman Reedus just revealed a spoiler about what’s in store for Daryl Dixon during Season 6 of The Walking Dead, and it involves the beloved character’s love life. If you don’t want to know whether or not Caryl will finally happen, then you probably shouldn’t read ahead.

Many fans of The Walking Dead think that Daryl Dixon needs a little romance in his life, but Norman Reedus recently revealed that the powers-that-be seem to disagree. During his interview with Details magazine, Reedus said that Daryl’s love life will take a backseat to other storylines during Season 6. However, he doesn’t think it’s a bad thing that the redneck who refuses to shower still hasn’t found his Mrs. Right.

“Even this season, I’m the last in line for love,” Reedus said. “I like not going through that door one way or another. I like that mystery.”

Many Walking Dead viewers would like to see a romance blossom between Daryl Dixon and Carol Peletier (Melissa McBride), another survivor who has been on the show since Season 1. Carol knows Daryl inside and out because she’s witnessed his evolution from the very beginning. She was there when Norman Reedus’ character seemed dispensable — his potential was hidden when he served as his ne’er-do-well brother’s reluctant stooge — and she saw him morph into a lone wolf outsider that Walking Dead fans started to fall in love with. Now Daryl is a loyal and compassionate friend who is comfortable joking around with his “family” of survivors, and he’s even allowed himself to shed a few tears.

Carol and Daryl reunite at Terminus (Image credit: AMC)

Speaking of crying on camera, Norman Reedus told Details that he’d rather shoot a full frontal nude scene than shed tears. Perhaps Reedus has seen the Dary Dixon ugly cry face meme that fans of The Walking Dead love so much.

Caryl shippers might not get their wish during Season 6, but Norman Reedus did reveal that the beloved BFFs will share a special moment when they encounter a walker that has turned into a walking potted plant. During an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Norman Reedus said that the undead greenery contains an Easter egg that references a memorable Caryl moment from a previous season of show.

“There’s one particularly beautiful, gruesome zombie — he’s got a lot of green moss on him,” Reedus said.​ “But when you see that episode — it’s in episode 6, I think, that particular zombie — something happens, and it harks back to a Daryl and Carol moment. I’m going to let you just guess what that could be, but there are Easter eggs in some of those zombies, so you’ll see it in episode 6.”

Fans of The Walking Dead are going to have a great time trying to figure out which moment Norman Reedus was referencing. Perhaps the pair will discover a Cherokee rose growing among the moss covering the walker.

The Cherokee rose moment is one that many Caryl shippers like to point to as proof that Daryl deeply cares about Carol. During Season 2 of The Walking Dead, Daryl spent a lot of time searching for Carol’s lost daughter, Sophia. He also surprised some viewers when he showed his sensitive side by giving Carol a Cherokee rose and telling her about the legend of the white flower.

Daryl holds Carol after she finds out that Sophia is dead (Image credit: AMC)

According to, Daryl told Carol that the Cherokee rose legend arose during the Trail of Tears. Cherokee mothers were crying and grieving over their lost children during the devastating journey, so tribe elders asked the gods for a sign that would “uplift the mothers’ spirits.” The next day, they found the flowers growing where the mothers had cried. Daryl told Carol that he believed that one of the roses had bloomed for Sophia.

The Cherokee rose represents a big turning point for Norman Reedus’ character, so it would make sense for it to pop up again. In a behind-the-scenes video for the “Cherokee Rose” episode, Reedus talked about how it marked the beginning of Daryl stepping out of Merle’s shadow and discovering who he really is.

Norman Reedus’ character is continuing to make discoveries about himself in Alexandria, and he’s still somewhat struggling to find his place. Seeing another Cherokee rose might remind Daryl of just how far he’s come, or maybe it will simply remind him of everything he and Carol have lost.

[Photos courtesy of AMC via Facebook]