October 26, 2016
Vicki Gunvalson Says She Doesn't Deserve This Treatment From 'So Called Friends' While Brooks Ayers Says He'll Stop Tweeting About Legal Drama With Meghan King Edmonds

Vicki Gunvalson has lashed out at her Real Housewives of Orange County co-stars. On Thursday, Vicki wrote on social media that she doesn't deserve the treatment that she's currently getting from her "so called friends." She also denied that she plays the victim and that she should reveal more of Brooks Ayers' medical records to really prove that he has cancer. Brooks, meanwhile, is vowing to stay silent on social media regarding his legal drama with Meghan King Edmonds.

On Thursday, Tamra posted a preview of next week's season finale to her Instagram page. Tamra asked her followers whether they're ready for the finale episode. Tamra's post received a lot of comments. People gave their opinions on the season's central storyline, which is the housewives' questioning of Brooks' cancer diagnoses and drama with Vicki due to that questioning.

One viewer wrote that she hopes that people will see Vicki admitting at the reunion show, which taped last Thursday, that Brooks lied all along about his cancer diagnoses. The viewer said that Vicki probably won't do that but will instead demand privacy and not reveal the real reason why she and Brooks broke up after filming for the season ended. The viewer added that Vicki can't take accountability for her actions and always tries to play the victim.


"jcoughlin: Tell me at the reunion Vicki admits Brooks lied?!?! I'm sure she will demand privacy and only say "we love each other but went separate way" bs bs bs! She can't take accountability for anything and tries to play the victim!"

Vicki Gunvalson responded to the critical comment. She said that she doesn't play the victim and it's not her responsibility to reveal more of Brooks' medical records.

"vickigunvalson: @jcoughlin I'm not a victim at all! It's not my responsibility to reveal additional personal medical records"

In response to another viewer who praised Vicki's co-stars and said that Vicki deserves what she's currently getting from all of them, Vicki said that she doesn't deserve this treatment by her "so called friends."

"debbi_l: Love the Show.... Want it to keep going.... Good going girls.... Vicki deserves what she is getting from all of you😊😊

vickigunvalson: @debbi_l I didn't deserve this treatment by my 'so called friends'"

Vicki did like one person's comment. She wrote "amen" in response to the person repeating what one of Vicki's friends, outside of the cast, told Shannon Beador at Tamra Judge's baptism party when Shannon maintained that she has been nothing but supportive of Vicki and Brooks.

"She didn't ask you to see the records when you though your husband was cheating on you," the friend shot back, in reference to David Beador's affair.

On the last episode that aired, Shannon confessed that she was nervous about seeing Vicki at Tamra's baptism party since what happened at their lunch together. At that lunch, Shannon told Vicki to provide medical proof of Brooks' cancer diagnoses in order to, once and for all, stop the questions and speculations. Vicki, feeling betrayed and angry that Shannon was talking about the subject despite being told not to, declared in a later interview that Shannon is now obviously "drinking the Kool-Aid." On Monday night's episode, Shannon said the thought that Vicki might duping her about Brooks having cancer is "crushing" and shows that Vicki might not be as good as a friend she thought she was.

The preview shows that it all comes to a head at Tamra's party. Vicki's friend not only lashes out at Shannon, but Shannon is shown yelling at Vicki.

"How dare you!" she screams as Vicki walks away with her head down.

Things between Vicki and Shannon Beador did not get resolved at last Thursday's Real Housewives of Orange County Season 10 reunion show filming. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vicki said on the Sunday following the reunion filming that she and Shannon are not friends. Vicki did, however, say that she and Tamra Judge are still friends, albeit ones who don't see much of one another outside of filming.


Vicki Gunvalson's ex-boyfriend Brooks is going through his own drama with one of the housewives. On Monday, Brooks tweeted that he won't be talking about his threat to sue Meghan for defamation.

Meghan King Edmonds maintains that Brooks Ayers' threat to sue her is an empty one.
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