One Direction Imitators, Competitors Try To Be 1D In 2016

One Direction will be sorely missed by fans during their 2016 break, but it appears that they will be replaced by some interesting imitators.

Imitators of One Direction are nothing new, and there are several famous cases. Alternatively, One Direction management was considering a clone army of the 1D gents in 2014.

According to UnReality TV, One Direction's management team tried the idea out and had Richard Dickinson and Liam Fergusson act as decoys for Harry Styles and Niall Horan "for their own protection" from fans and paparazzi.

About the experience of imitating One Direction, Richard Dickinson states the following.

"It was the craziest thing that's ever happened to me … People were running from the seated areas to the barriers … People were banging on the windows and trying the door. It was mad … We had to be escorted out the stadium. I was glad when it was all over."
Regardless, when One Direction imitators are presented as impersonators, the audience usually does not attack them like they do the real 1D. For instance, in Mexico, a group of One Direction imitators regularly play parties and work to look as much like the individual members of 1D as possible.

On their Facebook page, One Direction Imitadores Mexico has photos of their crew lip syncing and dressing like 1D -- and they regularly play shows for fans without extra security measures.

Madame Tussauds Appoint A Tissue Attendant For One Direction Fans After Zayn Malik's Departure
After Zayn Malik left One Direction, Madame Tussaud's museum hired tissue attendants for visiting 1D fans that were sad. (Photo by Alex Huckle/Getty Images)

But if Imitadores One Direction seizes the opportunity to use their break as a chance to fill 1D's shoes, will they have to hire security? Although it is not clear that Imitadores One Direction will go on the road to become the second-best thing to 1D -- there are many One Direction impersonators that pay attention to the fine details of anything related to 1D.

For instance, there are wax figures made to look like One Direction in the famous Paris museum called Madame Tussaud's. Interestingly, the Mirror states that Madame Tussaud's ordered 150 boxes of tissues and a special attendant when Zayn Malik left One Direction.

Clearly, Madame Tussaud's likes to join in on the One Direction headlines, but is it possible that they will step up their 1D game in 2016? What is more likely is that One Direction cover bands will fill in the gaps that the real 1D will leave behind on their tour break.

Although some One Direction cover bands are not convincing, others are. In addition, some One Direction imitators may find that they are not very welcome without a venue.

The Mirror reported in 2014 that Harry Styles lookalike, Aron Dale, quit college to become a full-time impersonator. On the other hand, when Steffan McGechie tried his hand at One Direction-related money earning -- things went wrong.

McGechie is a street performer in Scotland is known for being a singer with a good voice -- but his attempts to busk for money while singing One Direction songs went awry. The Daily Record states the following on August 14 about the dangers of singing One Direction songs in Scotland.

"[McGechie] … was wrestled to the ground by five police officers after a flood of complaints about his singing.... local businesses have complained about his crooning to police 14 times over the last six weeks."
In jest, some bands have asked to stand in for One Direction while they are on their 2016 break, but they are not being serious. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, a band called Inbetween Colours, that is based in the Netherlands, has gladly offered to pretend to be One Direction for a whole year.

Wax Figures Of One Direction Displayed At Madame Tussauds Orlando
Imitations of One Direction include wax figures. (Photo by Madame Tussaud's Orlando via Getty Images)

Nevertheless, there are some One Direction cover bands that are extremely convincing -- and they have decided to go full throttle with the idea that they are practically 1D.

According to the BBC, Only One Direction - The One Direction Story, a new West End theatre show. The boys will be performing over 20 tracks as they try to pass themselves off as Harry, Zayn, Louis, Liam, and Niall."

On their Twitter page, Only One Direction was excited to retweet from @CBCC, "Can @Only1DMusic convince @onedirection fans they're as good as the real thing?"

Fans will get their chance to vote on whether Only One Direction and the real 1D are comparable in the near future. The Broadway Buzz clarifies that the Only One Direction performance will take place October 26 to 28 at the Lyric Theatre in London, England.

[Feature image via Handout/Getty Images]