Is Kim Kardashian's Game App Tearing The Family Apart?

Kim Kardashian is great at making money on various business ideas. Kim is one of those celebrities who is famous without really being famous for anything. She has been able to make money from modeling, apps, television shows, and products. And since Kardashian is living a desirable life for many young women, she decided to create a video game that people can download as an app.

Kim Kardashian asked her family members to sign a contract so she could use them in the game. Of course, payments were arranged, as Kim has made plenty of money from the game, but the app is supposedly causing some trouble within the family. And maybe it makes sense. Kardashian has made millions with the app, but some family members have only gotten a small payment for appearing in the game.

According to a new Radar Online report, Kim Kardashian's game could be causing trouble with her sisters. All of the sisters have stood together before against the public, but this game could be ruining some relationships within the family. And the reason could be due to the new games created by Kim's sisters. Each of the girls released their own apps catering to their respective fan bases last month, which has caused tension.

Kim Kardashian KUTWK"The competition with the girls right now is just getting out of hand," a source has revealed, adding, "Sure they are all going to make a lot of money, and with the declining ratings of the show, it is a great way for them to all stay famous. But the one thing that the girls always had was each other."

"And now these apps are driving them further apart than ever before because, for the first time, it is really like all of them have their own brands and these brands are competing against each other," the insider revealed, adding, "It would be one thing if the revenue generated from their apps were put into a pot and split equally. But that is not how this is working."

Kourtney Kardashian is the only sister without an app, but both she and Scott Disick actually appear in Kim's app and have been paid a fee to appear. This was covered on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, as Scott wanted more money to appear in the game. But Kourtney doesn't want to get involved in the competitive landscape of apps. She would prefer to stay on good terms with her family members.

Kim Kardashian Kanye West"Kourtney knew this would happen. It is one of the main reasons that she really wanted nothing to do with it yet," the source explains, adding, "This has, and will continue to, cause arguments, as well as hurt and bitter feelings towards each other."

On Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Kim revealed that she played a big role in designing the game, and she wanted specific changes to make the game as real as possible. However, ET Online recently revealed new pictures of her family, and they were far from realistic. The report shows pictures of Kanye West and North West, and sadly, the characters look nothing like them. If it wasn't for the captions, fans would have no idea who these characters are. But that doesn't seem to matter. Kim's game has made around $200 million since the release last summer. The game aims to give people a glimpse into the fabulous life of Kim Kardashian and her friends.

What do you think of Kim Kardashian's game? Do you think it is surprising that the other sisters would create their own games and this is causing tension?

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