November 6, 2016
Rob Kardashian’s New Diet Could Lead To A Heart Attack

Rob Kardashian decided to get healthy, and he started working with a personal trainer. The two have been working out, following a strict dieting plan, and Rob is losing weight. But some people think that he may be taking this a little too seriously. In fact, now the concern isn't about his weight, but about how he is losing the weight. Even though Rob is using a personal trainer, he could be going too far.

It is no secret that Rob Kardashian wanted to lose the weight. His family rallied around him, encouraging him to lose the weight. Kim and Khloe Kardashian even tried staging an intervention for him, but he didn't want the help. Now, Kardashian is taking matters into his own hands, and he is working out and getting healthy. But could he be doing it the wrong way?

According to a new Radar Online report, Rob Kardashian could be on a dangerous "heart attack diet," but he doesn't want to change things up. Maybe he is seeing results and he doesn't want to change his ways, but Rob could be risking his life with this new diet. He is supposedly losing weight at an alarming rate.

Rob Kardashian"Rob's been yo-yo dieting for years, but the constant stopping and starting of it all is taking a toll on his health," one insider has revealed, adding that he has been doing various cleanses, including the Master Cleanse.

Kardashian is currently doing a diet that's based on the Master Cleanse and "it's having a terrible effect on him," warns the insider. This is the same cleanse that Yolanda Foster is on when she wants to wash out the toxins in her body. But for her, it seems to work. For Kardashian, the results are not great.

"He's dehydrated all the time, gets palpitations and it's putting a lot of stress on his heart while his body goes into starvation mode. He should be taking the same time to lose this weight as he did to put it on, but now that he's seeing results, you just can't stop him," the source reveals, adding that he doesn't want to get help in any other programs, saying, "He doesn't ever want to work a program. None of them can work a 12 Step program, or anything public because it would hardly be anonymous."

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.21.21 AMOf course, Rob Kardashian has distanced himself from the Kardashian family and Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Rob didn't want to film the show, and he removed himself from Kris Jenner's home. He has been living with Khloe in her home and has refused to film the show. For a while, Rob wanted to move to Florida to distance himself from the Kardashian family and fame, but it sounds like he stayed at home.

These days, it is possible that Kardashian actually sees his family when the cameras aren't around. Maybe he is bonding with Kanye West, hanging out with his niece, North West, and sees Mason and Penelope on a regular basis. Just because he isn't on television due to his health, Rob Kardashian could be a huge part of the family. But it is clear that the weight loss is working -- he has been posting more pictures of himself on Instagram -- and it sounds like he wants to get back to his old self. And his ex-girlfriend, Adrienne Bailon, thinks he is a great guy and will get there.

What do you think of Rob Kardashian's new diet? Do you think he should follow the weight loss regime that his trainer is giving him, or should he keep going even though he could be risking his life?

[Image via Instagram]