October 9, 2015
Kelli Giddish Welcomes Her First Child! See Photos Of The Adorable Infant [Video]

Congratulations are in order to Kelli Giddish and husband Lawrence Faulborn, who welcomed their first child into the world!

According to E! News, Law & Order: SVU co-star Ice-T spilled the beans on Twitter that Giddish had the newborn. Ice-T and Coco, who are still very pregnant, visited Giddish in the hospital, making sure to take selfies with "the newest SVU member 'Ludo,'" Ice-T shared over Twitter.

The SVU co-stars are reportedly close friends; Giddish plays Detective Amanda Rollins, the partner of Ice's character, Fin Tutuola, on the show. Her pregnancy was written into the season, reports Us Weekly.

Ice-T also captioned the sweet photo "Congrats @TheKelliGiddish and Larry" as he shared it with raving fans. In the adorable photo, Coco holds the bundled newborn, who is fast asleep, as both Kelli and Coco smile proudly.

Faulborn shared his own photo of the moment over Instagram, capturing Coco and Kelli on his cellphone. Lawrence captioned the snap, "#auntiecoco #babyLudo #svubaby #welcome."

SVU fans were giddy to learn last July that Kelli not only was pregnant, but she also secretly married husband Lawrence Faulborn in a quiet, private ceremony on the ocean in New Smyrna Beach, Florida. E! News reports that following the ceremony, a rep for NBC confirmed Giddish was also pregnant with the couple's first child.

To add to the fun, SVU fans learned that Ice-T's wife, Coco, was pregnant with her first child at the same time! Over the summer, Kelli has been frequently spotted with her friend, shopping and comparing baby bumps as they documented their journey over Facebook, reports E! Online.

In a press event with Us Weekly, Kelli confessed that she and Ice-T's wife have bonded over their pregnancies, which seems to be an understatement.

"We've spent some time together," the actress said. "We all hung out over Labor Day."

But just last week, Coco shared a photo of herself with a very pregnant Giddish as the pair bumped baby bellies.

"Kelli Giddish & me. How cute! Our babies are kissing! #kissingtummies," Coco, who sported hot pink spandex pants, captioned the hilarious photo. "Kelli is 36 weeks preggers now & I'm 29 weeks."

New father Lawrence Faulborn also shared an intimate photo of the newborn over Instagram. Giddish fans were treated to a gorgeous black and white up-close image of the baby's foot in Daddy's hand.

To add to the fun, Giddish also recently revealed that she keeps a chipmunk on her SVU set desk. Law & Order: SVU recently kicked off its 17th season.

The chipmunk, which is now famous, according to E! Online, is the actress's tribute to her Georgia roots, Kelli confessed. The stuffed chipmunk, which is encased in glass, is "some weird Kelli Giddish thing," co-star Mariska Hargitay told E! when asked about the odd prop. "Let's just leave it at that. He's not hurting anybody."

Executive producer Warren Leight quickly stepped in to explain that Kelli is "from Georgia," but did not elaborate further on why a stuffed chipmunk sits on the detective's desk.

Kelli Giddish herself was able to shed some light.

"I thought Rollins needed some more 'Georgia' represented in her life," Giddish explained.

"My father in real life is like Elmer Fudd with chipmunks, because they destroy his garden," Giddish confided to E! News in an exclusive interview. "So I got a taxidermied chipmunk."

Kelli also explained that the odd prop "makes me laugh!" and it even has a name: DC.

According to Giddish, her on-air partner, Ice-T, named the animal after Kelli asked him to.

"I asked Ice to name him, and he said 'DC,'" Giddish told E!.

Why DC? "Stands for Dead Chipmunk," Kelli Giddish laughingly explained.

[Image credit: Slaven Vlasic/Getty Image]