Lady Gaga Talks About That Scene In ‘American Horror Story: Hotel’ — But Will She Be Back For Season 6?

A season of American Horror Story debuting Lady Gaga was always going to be eventful. However, for the star herself, being on American Horror Story: Hotel was more about the story than the sex.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about American Horror Story: Hotel. Please proceed with caution if you have not yet viewed all available episodes.

In season 5 of American Horror Story, Lady Gaga (also known as Stefani Germanotta) makes her acting debut as the Countess. Her character, who is also the owner of the Hotel Cortez featured in AHS, likes to drink blood thanks to hemophilia, although her condition seems more vampiric than medical. Lady Gaga recently explained the Countess’ journey through season 5 of American Horror Story to The Hollywood Reporter:

“There is a journey for my character, in particular, through hemophilia and her need to drink blood to survive and to stay young, and that’s entwined with other stories about a need for sex, a need for freedom, a need for drugs, a need for attention, a need to survive.”

Lady Gaga MAtt Bomer American Horror Story Hotel

American Horror Story: Hotel deals mainly with the story of addiction in its many forms. For Lady Gaga’s character, it is her addiction to blood and her need to stay forever young, for other characters it is drug issues. However, closely tied into the theme of addiction is the darker side of sex, something that was portrayed in two scenes in the very first episode of season 5 of AHS. One involved Sarah Paulson’s character, Hypodermic Sally and a drill-bit dildo. The second sex scene involved Lady Gaga, her paramour, Donovan (played by Matt Bomer), a couple the pair picked up, and a lot of blood after Lady Gaga’s character slit their throats and drank their blood. But, for Lady Gaga, it isn’t about the titillation of the sex scene that was her inspiration, it was the story behind it as she explained to The Hollywood Reporter.

“I don’t just simply do things because they are provocative or because they are shocking… I’m doing it because the story that [Ryan Murphy] is telling about addiction, the story that he’s telling about our own narcissism, the story that he’s telling bout how the human being strives to survive within the challenges of the universe — that to me is what makes the sex so good.”

Premiere Screening Of FX's "American Horror Story: Hotel" - Arrivals including Lady Gaga

Of course, for Matt Bomer, who stars alongside Lady Gaga, the scene was a little more uncomfortable for him. “I think you see more of me in the first episode of this than you see in the first two Magic Mikes combined,” he told Ellen DeGeneres on her show recently. He also explained how he kept what was left of his modesty during the foursome sex scene with Lady Gaga that pushed the boundaries of cable television censorship. Bomer wore a modesty pouch during the scene, which is, as the Daily Mail explains, “a flesh-colored sock fastened with an elastic band over his groin.”

“There’s not much left to the imagination. You pretty much have an understanding of somebody’s junk when they’re wearing it.”

While Lady Gaga’s performance may have pushed the boundaries in the very first episode of season 5 of American Horror Story, the show’s creator is desperate to have her back in season 6. Ryan Murphy tweeted at Lady Gaga after the premiere of Episode 1 of AHS Hotel and, basically, begged her back for season 6.

While there has been no official confirmation yet that American Horror Story has been confirmed for a sixth season, the general consensus is that if Lady Gaga is in it, people will tune in to watch it.

FX’s American Horror Story: Hotel, starring Lady Gaga, returns on Wednesday, October 14, 2015.

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