‘The Walking Dead’ Season 6: Will Daryl Dixon Branch Out On His Own?

When the season 6 trailer for AMC’s The Walking Dead aired at San Diego Comic Con this year, Daryl Dixon fans were a little concerned. The bulk of the video showed Alexandria at conflict — both from within and with the constant threat of the undead. However, at the end of the sneak peek, Daryl Dixon was shown to be in a bit of trouble.

SPOILER ALERT: This article contains information about season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Please proceed with caution if you wish to avoid spoilers.

While the season 6 teaser video of The Walking Dead shows Daryl’s life could be at risk, could it also show that Daryl has branched out and left Alexandria? Perhaps. Let’s take a look at all the times Daryl Dixon appears in the trailer and see what we can find out about Daryl Dixon’s role in season 6 of The Walking Dead.

Sections of the trailer video for season 6 of The Walking Dead show Daryl and what appears to be a conflict of sorts. Daryl is present at 0.44 as Morgan (Lennie James) and Rick (Andrew Lincoln) are talking. Judging by the amount of blood on Rick, it is not long after they met up in the season 5 finale. He also appears to nod at Rick later on in the clip as Rick claims Alexandria is a safe place to be.

TWD Season 6 teaser group shot

Interestingly, at 0.51, Daryl does not appear to be present in the meeting being held in one of the houses in Alexandria. At 1.27, Rick seems to be telling Daryl that “these people” (the Alexandrians?) have to take care of themselves; however, it could be creative editing. He does ask Daryl if he “feels differently about it,” to which Daryl replies, “Yeah, I do,” indicating a difference of opinion between Daryl and Rick. Daryl’s new motorcycle is there, like Daryl is ready to leave. At 3.03 it appears Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) is yelling at Daryl not to do something as Daryl appears to be overtaking the car Abraham is driving.

So what does this section of the video mean for Daryl in season 6 of The Walking Dead? Could it indicate he has trouble adapting to Alexandria or to the rules set up there and decides to leave?

TWD Season 6 teaser Daryl tied up guy with a gun

The final part of the video opens with a blonde male saying to Daryl, “Here’s the deal, you don’t say sh*t and I don’t kill you.” Daryl is tied up, sitting against a tree, and the man is pointing a gun at him. Daryl appears to somehow get free from this man. He does appear to have his bike and his trusty crossbow with him as he is escaping and then follows a confusing sequence showing a mossy walker, a group of people, and a burnt down house.

So, is it possible Daryl Dixon will leave Alexandria and branch out by himself? And, if this doesn’t get him killed, could Daryl somehow save Rick’s group in much the way Carol (Melissa McBride) did in season 4 of The Walking Dead, when she helped rescue the group from Terminus? Only time will tell. However, the actor who plays Daryl Dixon, Norman Reedus, recently told Entertainment Weekly something very interesting about Daryl’s relationship with Aaron (Ross Marquand) moving forward into season 6 of The Walking Dead.

“The Aaron bond has turned into something else, and Aaron’s doing his own thing and Daryl’s doing his own thing, but that door that Aaron offered to Daryl to walk through and pick up that position of finding new people — you see from the trailer he’s found his people and it’s not going entirely well. You saw in the trailer there’s a guy pointing his gun at Daryl’s head, and Daryl’s tied up, and it’s not going well for Daryl right now.”

So, potentially, it seems Daryl could branch out and leave Alexandria for at least part of season 6 of The Walking Dead. Many fans have already been speculating this due to the fact that Norman Reedus has picked up more movie roles recently. If he does, will Daryl return to the fold, or will season 6 be the last we see of Daryl Dixon for a while? You can watch the season 6 teaser video for The Walking Dead below to make up your own mind:

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with season 6 on Sunday, October 11, 2015.

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[Image credits: AMC via screen captures of the Fox International Channels trailer video]