California Dad Gets 50 Years After Raping And Killing Daughter

A California dad has been sentenced after he was convicted of raping and murdering his own daughter. The Dreamin' Demon reports that 30-year-old Matthew Warner will be spending the next 50 years in prison for his horrific crimes. The details surrounding this case are nothing short of stomach-turning, but has justice been served?

The incident reportedly took place back in January of this year when Warner reported his three-week-old daughter Ellorah missing to police. He had been watching her while his wife was at work, and claimed that someone may have kidnapped the infant. The search for baby Ellorah Warner didn't last more than a night when neighbors told authorities that the 30-year-old man was seen carrying a bundle from his home not long before the child was reported missing. This prompted police in Los Angeles to interrogate the man while search-and-rescue teams scoured the area in hopes of finding his baby daughter.

Matthew Warner murdered his daughter.
Matthew Warner murdered his daughter.

Eventually, the California dad led authorities to a pickup truck, which was in a parking lot near the home where he had reported her missing. Inside the cab of the truck was the slain body of the three-week-old baby girl. Warner was arrested and ultimately charged with a laundry list of crimes. KTLA News reports that Matthew Warner was charged with assault on a child causing death, oral copulation or sexual penetration with a child under 10 years, and murder. The California man's own mother has spoken out against the crimes he has committed.

"That's something like a parent's worse nightmare that someone in the human race could behave so inhumanely with no regard … and to someone just barely three weeks. I don't get it."
Matthew Warner was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to 50 years of imprisonment after he took a plea agreement, which allowed for his other various charges to be dropped. Meanwhile, the public is expressing outrage over the way baby Ellorah Warner died. This isn't the first time a father has been arrested or imprisoned for similar behavior. Last year a Lithuanian father -- 23-year-old Aurimas Medvedevas -- murdered his two-month-old daughter in a horrific act of violence. The young dad reportedly bit, punched, and shook the infant until she died. He has since been given life imprisonment for his crimes. In the same year, a North Carolina dad was charged with murder after he allegedly abused his one-month-old son. The child died of severe "abusive head trauma." Also in 2014, it was revealed that a Brooklyn father violently killed his baby daughter before feeding her to his pit bull. This crime occurred in 2006, but didn't make its way to media headlines until eight years later. This year a North Las Vegas man was arrested after the body of his two-month-old daughter was found in a dumpster. The cause of death has never been revealed through the media. Also this year, a Washington, D.C. man was arrested after he allegedly squeezed his five-week-old infant, who had been crying.

Edward "Chuck" Brown fed his daughter to a pit bull.

Do you think the California dad in this latest horrifying story got what he deserved? Or was 50 years imprisonment too lenient for a crime that is considered by many to be the worst of the worst? The justice that was handed down by the California judge in this case assures that Matthew Warner will never be able to hurt a child again, because he may never see freedom until he is at least 80 years old.

Photo: Matthew Warner Facebook photo via Twitter