Alpha Tau Omega, Indiana University Video: Fraternity Suspended Over Sex Acts At Party

A highly offensive video, purported to show members of an Alpha Tau Omega chapter at Indiana University egging on an “initiated member of the fraternity” while he performs cunnilingus on a woman described as a “stripper,” as reported by the Indianapolis Star and Time, was shared widely on social media Wednesday and Thursday.

The graphic and disturbing video is currently unavailable for viewing on YouTube. It shows a large group of clothed and partially clothed young men, some of whom are thought to be Alpha Tau Omega pledges, both standing and sitting cross-legged on the floor, packed into what appears to be a small room. The rowdy and boisterous group cheers-on a man and woman on a bare mattress on the floor. The man is wearing boxer shorts and has his head wedged between the legs of the nude woman, who lies on her back with her legs lifted, appearing to hold his head with her thighs. Music plays in the background. Bottles of liquor can be seen and maniacal laughter can be heard.

A second naked woman appears to be officiating the proceedings on the mattress. She bends over and then stands holding what appears to be a whip or sex toy and then sets it on the ground. Later in the video, the woman nudges the man with her foot while standing over the couple.

Indiana University condemned the video and suspended Alpha Tau Omega within hours of it emerging online.

As a result of the suspension, the Indiana University chapter of Alpha Tau Omega may not accept new members and may not host social functions, at least until the matter is investigated. The video is short, and it is difficult to understand exactly what transpired. The Daily Caller notes that it could depict “far more” than a simple hazing and that depending on the exact nature of the event “could even result in criminal charges related to sexual assault or prostitution.”

“The video is highly offensive and is antithetical to the values of Alpha Tau Omega,” The CEO of Alpha Tau Omega’s national chapter, Wyenn Smiley stated. “If confirmed, the men who were a part of such an outlandish incident do not represent the fraternity and damage the fraternity’s name for thousands of other ATO undergraduates and alumni across the country.”

Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity suspended.

One-hundred members of Alpha Tau Omega were reportedly suspended for their part in a hazing by the national chapter five years ago and the fraternity has experienced “frictions” with Indiana University in the past. In 1992, a pledge almost died at an Alpha Tau Omega party after he collapsed and was found to have a blood alcohol level of 0.48.

President of the University of Michigan, Mark Schlissel, has commented that he believes Greek campus life will “self destruct” if fraternities and sororities don’t make changes. Schlissel believes the problem is “having to do with the overuse of alcohol.”

The man on the mattress with the woman is reported to be 21-years-of-age and the incident was reported to have involved “half” of the Alpha Tau Omega Indiana University membership.

Indiana Universty Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity suspended.

Earlier this year, the Sigma Nu Fraternity at Old Dominion University came under fire when members draped banners with slogans, such as “Rowdy and fun! Hope your baby girl is ready for a good time,” as reported by the Inquisitr. The students involved were said to have been held accountable to the Old Dominion discrimination policy and Code of Conduct and to have been given “due process.”

The Alpha Tau Omega video was reportedly first uploaded to Reddit. The original video was purported to include a caption stating that pledges were forced to “perform sex acts with strippers.” The investigation continues.

[Indiana University Screenshot Courtesy Indiana University — Alpha Tau Omega Screenshot Courtesy The Real Stevie Bee / YouTube — Photo by Andy Lyons / Getty Images]