‘Hawaii Five-0’ Spoilers: Is Catherine Leaving Steve Again?

Hawaii Five-0 is back on CBS, and fans are getting a brief look at the drama to come on Friday night’s episode. Two sneak peeks have been released for Hawaii Five-0 season 6, episode 3, and things are not looking good for Steve and Catherine.

Before the season 6 premiere, fans were teased about the possibility of a wedding for Catherine and Steve. She returned to Hawaii for Kono’s wedding at the end of last season, and the relationship between the reunited pair picked back up.

Steve was ready to pop the big question. This was shown in teasers for the season. Has Steve actually popped the big question yet though? Not even close. He has been looking for the right moment.

The details for the episode released by CBS and shared by Spoiler TV once again teases Steve trying to pop the big question.

“While Five-0 investigates a scuba diver’s death from a gun recently used in another murder, McGarrett prepares to propose to Catherine.”

There is drama ahead though. TV Line shared a clip from tomorrow’s Hawaii Five-0 episode, and it starts off great. Steve is on cloud nine, and he is ready to propose. He checks on the ring while Catherine goes downstairs to make them both breakfast. However, he soon hears Catherine talking to someone on the phone. He gets closer to listen, and the hushed conversation is in a foreign language. His face shows he is not happy. Does he really understand what Catherine is saying during the conversation?

There is no way to know if he can understand her. That information will be available to fans once he confronts her about the conversation. He will surely do that, but the clip ends before her conversation on the phone even ends.

The TV Line report calls the scene a “rude awakening” for Steve, which makes it sound bad. Does this hushed phone call mean Catherine will once again leave Hawaii and Steve behind?

With a new love interest already cast for Steve, this sounds likely. Her departure would certainly end their relationship entirely. Fans will probably not be happy about that development. Many were happy to see Michelle Borth on the CBS series. Steve and Catherine are well-liked as a couple on the series.

In the second Hawaii Five-0 sneak peek released for the episode shared by Spoiler TV, Kono and Danny are at the morgue investigating their latest case. There is a new person working at the morgue, and this clip introduces fans to the new arrival.

Hawaii Five-0 has been a solid performer on CBS, and the ratings for last week’s episode did show a rise in the ratings. Friday night has never been to known to be a good night for television, but CBS has managed to remain strong with their Friday night line-up of Hawaii Five-0 and Blue Bloods. NBC is also strong with Grimm on Friday nights, but that series does not return with new episodes until later this month.

Catherine and Steve’s relationship has been a big plot point for the series, but romance is never the focus on this series.

There is definitely drama ahead though. Fans can expect even more romantic drama when the show airs its Valentine’s Day episode in February. TV Line shared a spoiler for that episode earlier this week.

“Because as showrunner Peter M. Lenkov told me (with a hearty chuckle), ‘We’re going to do a Valentine’s Day episode, where everybody’s love life goes to the s—ter on that day!'”

That does not sound good at all.

What do you think? Is Catherine on her way out again on Hawaii Five-0?

[Photo: CBS]