5 Seconds Of Summer: ‘Hey Everybody’ Ramps Up Album Excitement

Australian heartthrobs 5 Seconds of Summer have ramped up the excitement for their much-anticipated sophomore album release by dropping a new single. The new 5 Seconds Of Summer single is called “Hey Everybody” and is the second single to be released from their upcoming album Sounds Good, Feels Good. With the new 5 Seconds Of Summer album release just two weeks away, the band have demonstrated their growing maturity and good marketing sense by releasing a new single to ensure that levels of anticipation remain high.

5 Seconds Of Summer bass player Calum Hood announced the release of the new single on his Twitter account when he told his 5.75 million followers that the new single would get its official release on Friday.

London’s Capital FM radio station claimed something of a coup by announcing that they would play the new 5 Seconds Of Summer song at midnight BST tonight, and the song would be released immediately afterwards. It seems that 5 Seconds of Summer have stolen the station’s thunder by releasing a lyric video of the new song on their own website and on YouTube prior to the official release.

The new song is sure to delight 5 Seconds of Summer fans across the world. According to Direct Lyrics, “Hey Everybody” is a sing-along-ready, energetic, relatable pop-punk track that sees 5 Seconds of Summer singing to those fans who are flat broke and have maxed out their credit cards.

The song is somewhat reminiscent of previous single “She’s Kinda Hot” with its sing-along chorus lines, and it’s taking a sideswipe at normalcy. 5 Second of Summer have been working hard to shed their boy-band image and to be recognized as a bona-fide pop-punk band. The band’s legions of fans have long bought into the message that they are the “kings and queens of the new broken scene.” The fans firmly believe that 5 Seconds of Summer are laying the foundations of a new pop-punk revolution.

5 Seconds of Summer are adamant that the new album demonstrates a new maturity for the band. They recently told Capital FM that life on the road has given them more experience to draw on and that is reflected in their new material.

“With the first album we were 16 years old when we wrote it. But now we’ve been on tour for four and a half years, we’ve experienced stuff.

“We’ve written about a lot of different things on this album because we’re older and we’ve experienced more of life, so we’ve got more to talk about.”

5 Seconds of Summer have also revealed that the whole “new broken scene” idea is a bit of a rebellion against artists like One Direction and Justin Bieber who give a name to their fans. They admit that they find the labeling of fans as “directioners” or “beliebers” “lame.” The “new broken scene” is about more than attaching a label; 5 Seconds of Summer think of it as a kind of movement, a way of saying that we are all in it together.

Of course, 5 Seconds of Summer differ from groups like One Direction in important ways, too. For a start, 5 Seconds of Summer play their instruments and write most of their own material. That said, according to Fuse, it seems that only Calum Hood has a writing credit on the new single release.

5 Seconds of Summer are currently in the U.K. for a couple of promotional appearances. This evening, 5 Seconds of Summer appeared at the BBC’s One Big Night concert in aid of Children In Need where they performed the new song. Tomorrow evening they are appearing on Allan Carr’s Chatty Man talk show.

[Photo by Christopher Polk/Getty Images]