Watch ‘Zombie Fish’ Prepared And Served In Spicy Chinese Sauce ‘Come Back To Life’ While Being Eaten [Video]

Bizarre footage captures the moment that a fish, already prepared and served in spicy sauce, “comes back to life” and moves on the plate of a Chinese diner.

The bizarre video, reportedly filmed in a restaurant in the Yuexiu District of China’s Guangzhou Province, shows a “zombie fish” that appears to come back to life as it is about to be eaten.

The fish twitches, wriggles, and flaps its fin as a Chinese diner uses a pair of chopsticks to tear chunks of flesh from the prepared head served on the edge of his plate.

Watch as the fish moves on the plate and its fin flaps as the diner tucks into his dinner.

Although the head of the fish had been severed from the body, prepared and served in spicy sauce and vegetables, muscles in the head and gills move, and the fin flaps as the fish is eaten.

Zombie Fish

This is not the first time that a video showing a “zombie fish” has surfaced online.

Recently, video of a headless fish, with its internal organs removed, appeared to come back to life as a Chinese woman prepared to cut the fish in her kitchen.

The video showing the struggle between the woman and the wriggling “zombie fish” went viral on Chinese social media.

Undaunted by the bizarre and unnerving resurrection of the fish meant for her dinner, the woman proceeded to cut the fish into pieces and cook it for her dinner.


Also recently, a video clip was uploaded online showing a fresh piece of beef that came alive and began quivering after a Chinese woman purchased it to cook for dinner.

The video clips showing sustained movements of the cut of beef also went viral on the Chinese social media site Weibo.

According to the woman, who said she bought the meat from a butcher an hour before attempting to cut it up in her kitchen, “It looks like it is still alive, or that there are worms or something inside. However when I cut it open I didn’t find any worms, just twitching.”

The proliferation of “zombie” fish and “zombie” cuts of beef in China has made some social media users wonder why zombie fish and beef have a special affinity for Chinese kitchens and dinner tables.

But these cases strike us as bizarre and unnerving only because we assume that dead animals stay dead and unmoving and that food served on a plate should not move since it should be dead and cooked.

But as bizarre and unnerving as these incidents appear, there are natural explanations.

Some have suggested that the case of the fish moving after being cooked and served in spicy sauce could be due to the action of sodium chloride or table salt. The salt in the sauce could have caused electrochemical activity involving movement of ions across cell membranes. Electro-chemical activity could cause muscles in the fish’s head to “fire” and generate motion.

But this happens only where the muscle cells are intact. Thus, it is likely that the fish head was uncooked and fresh.

The case of the decapitated fish that wriggled and struggled as the Chinese woman prepared to cut it could have been due to the fact that nerves in the spine were still intact and able to respond to pain stimuli.

The twitching muscles of the beef cut could also be due to electro-chemical activity in the fresh cut of beef.

According to Charles Grisham, a professor of chemistry at the University of Virginia, “Most of the tissue in an organism that’s recently dead, recently killed, is actually still alive. In this case, even though the brain function is missing, the tissues will still respond to stimuli.”

[Images: YouTube Screengrab]