'Bachelor' Ben Higgins Gets Advice From Chris Soules: Will His 'Bachelor' Tips Help Ben Find Love?

The Bachelor Ben Higgins recently received some advice from Chris Soules, the Iowa farmer who handed out roses on the last season of ABC's popular reality show. Higgins is currently two weeks into filming the upcoming season and with rumors that the girl-drama has already started, it's likely he is appreciative of any advice he can get.

During an interview with Today earlier this week, Soules said that he talked to Ben for "a little bit" after the Colorado software salesman was officially announced as the franchise's 20th Bachelor. Soules didn't go into specifics about their conversation but stated that there were "a lot of things, a lot of little details we talked about."

Two of those "things" he discussed with Ben were that he should go with "his gut" and "prepare for the unexpected." This sounds like standard advice that just about every former Bachelor gives the new guy. After all, how can anyone prepare to date 25 or more ladies while cameras are rolling?

"Be prepared for the unexpected. There's really no way to truly prepare for what he's about to go through."
Whether or not Chris Soules went with his gut on his season of the Bachelor is still up for debate. In March, he gave out his final rose to Whitney Bischoff and the couple ended their engagement two months later. Interestingly enough, the girl who was rumored to be his first choice, Becca Tilley, is now on Ben's season with Reality Steve stating that she has already scored a one-on-one date with Higgins.

Chris has never fully explained why his relationship with Whitney fizzled. However, during his interview with Today, he confirmed that they are still friends and stated that it's "good to be able to maintain that friendship."

When he's not giving advice out to the new Bachelor or tending to his family's farm, Chris Soules has been busy starring on other reality shows. He is currently competing on Food Network's Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition and previously competed on Dancing With the Stars Season 20 with pro dancer Witney Carson.

Although he admits he didn't plan on falling into the celebrity world, Chris says he believes it's part of God's plan that he has remained in the spotlight.
"All the celebrity that I've fallen into, this wasn't something I planned to happen to me. You know, God has a plan for everybody. This is something I sort of fell into."
Is there another reality show in Soules' future or will he return to farming? Although he appears to be very comfortable in the spotlight, he says that he is most interested in using his celebrity status to bring attention to farming and agriculture.

"I don't care about TV, I don't care about the celebrity," Soules explains. Teaching people about farming is important to him and something he says he is "genuinely passionate about."

As far as taking another shot at finding love on TV, the 33-year-old Iowa farmer says he does not regret being the Bachelor, but he doesn't think he would do it all over again. But it looks like he isn't going to stop looking for Mrs. Right — and it's important that she knows how to cook.

Chris now hands the Bachelor role over to Ben Higgins, who will wrap up filming at some point in November. Will Ben go with his gut as Chris advised? Fans will have to wait until next year to see how if his journey to find love ends in a proposal. The season premiere of The Bachelor airs January 4, 2016, on ABC.

[Image: ABC]