October 8, 2015
Miranda Simms And Husband Corey On Leah Messer Affair: We 'Have Moved Past It'

Miranda Simms and her husband, Corey, may appear to be happily married as they prepare to welcome their first child together in the coming months, but during last night's Teen Mom 2 Season 6 reunion, a major secret about their relationship was exposed. Following months of rumors regarding Leah Messer's alleged hookup with Corey, Miranda Simms was seen sitting on the couch with her husband as he and Messer came clean.

According to an October 8 episode recap by OK! Magazine, it all went down after Dr. Drew Pinsky, host of the Teen Mom 2 reunion special, asked Miranda Simms why she was so "hostile" towards Messer, the mother of Corey's twin girls, 5-year-old Ali and Aleeah.

"There was an overlap where you guys were still together when [Miranda Simms] hit the scene," Dr. Pinsky said, hinting that Corey slept with Messer when he was with Miranda Simms.

"Things happened that shouldn't have happened and it was disrespectful to [Miranda Simms]. I apologized," Messer explained.

Then, Corey confirmed his affair with Messer, saying, "She's let that go. Me and [Miranda Simms] have moved past it."

Corey and Messer tied the knot in late 2010, but divorced in 2011 due to Messer's infidelity. During filming on an early season of Teen Mom 2, Messer was seen admitting to Miranda Simms' now-husband that she had slept with her ex-boyfriend, Robbie Kidd, just before they wed. However, despite their divorce, which fans saw play out on the show, Corey and Messer's admission confirms their relationship didn't end at that point. Even after Corey began dating Miranda Simms later that year, and married her in June, 2013, he and Messer appear to have been messing around.

According to what fans heard during the reunion special last night, it isn't clear when their affair actually took place. While there have been rumors, via The Ashley's Reality Roundup, that the two hooked up in 2014, after Messer married her second husband, Jeremy Calvert (who filed for divorce later that year), that was not confirmed during the show. Ironically, however, Calvert told fans in October, 2014, that he had "caught" Messer cheating with her ex, Kidd, as she did with Corey.

The Ashley's source claimed Messer's hookup with Miranda Simms' husband happened while he was working, and allegedly went down in his truck.

"Corey regrets it, especially since [Miranda Simms] is pregnant now," The Ashley's second source revealed. "But he had been talking to Leah for a while, so they both knew what they were doing. It wasn't just a random mistake. But [Miranda Simms] forgave him."

Although Messer's relations with Corey certainly shook his relationship with Miranda Simms, Corey and Miranda Simms seem to be doing well as of late. In just a few months, their baby girl is due, and according to The Ashley's Reality Roundup, her name with start with the letter "R."

While Corey and Miranda Simms' marriage continues to move forward, despite his affair with Messer, Messer's relationship status has yet to be confirmed. During last night's show, Miranda Simms' husband alleged his twins had informed him that Messer has a boyfriend -- and that he lives with them and sleeps with their mom -- Messer continues to deny having a boyfriend, and wasn't seen at all with T.R. Dues, who is also known as her personal trainer, during Teen Mom 2 Season 6.

No word yet on whether or not Miranda Simms will return for a possible seventh season of Teen Mom 2.

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