WWE News: Former TNA World Champion James Storm To Work Player-Coach Role In WWE NXT?

WWE NXT Takeover: Respect was live on the WWE Network last night, and to say the least, it was an amazing event. The Ironwoman match between Sasha Banks and NXT Women’s Champion Bayley was brilliant and will go down as one of the best female matches ever in the history of pro-wrestling. In WWE, it could arguably be the best ever.

On top of this amazing match, we crowned the winners of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, which were NXT Champion Finn Balor and Samoa Joe. The matches the entire night were great, and it was a very solid show from beginning to end. Before all of this happened, however, there was a picture that hit the internet of former TNA World Heavyweight Champion James Storm.

He was at Full Sail University walking right beside WWE NXT coach Billy Gunn. Many assumed that he would be on the show, but he never appeared. He was backstage the entire show, however, which was interesting to see. He was at the NXT show in Nashville, Tennessee, a week ago, where he was said to have been in the back watching the event.

Storm Daniels

There seems to be some real interesting things coming from all of this. According to the Wrestling Observer, James Storm is in talks with the WWE about a player-coach sort of thing. WWE uses former ECW Champion Rhyno as a veteran to help WWE stars along, and they have used Samoa Joe in a similar role, as well. However, Storm’s job would be to wrestle on WWE NXT off and on, but also coach at the WWE Performance Center in addition to this.

It would be an interesting turn of events for him, as many feel that is might be the perfect job. James Storm knows he is in the latter part of his career and could be near retirement within the next few years. He still has a lot left in the tank, but if he is used sparingly, he could be useful. On top of this, the fans know who he is, so he will transition well into the WWE NXT universe that the company has created.

Storm also has a lot of great wrestling ability, so his coaching ability would be helpful to the WWE performers. Due to WWE continuing to sign so many Indy stars and random people from all walks of life, it does appear that a coaching role is open every few months.

Fortune TNA

With that being the case, James Storm fits this well.

This is also key for WWE, as they would have brought in two TNA originals in the last year if Storm is signed to the role he has requested. There were rumors stating that people such as AJ Styles were on WWE’s list to bring into NXT by 2016. If WWE has added people like Samoa Joe and James Storm, Styles clearly has a shot to get a similar role to what they are currently doing.

AJ Styles is working with NJPW until December, when his contract with them ends. He easily could come into WWE by the first of the year, which would allow him to work for one of the hottest wrestling products in the world. With two of his friends there, in Joe and Storm, it would make sense then more than ever to consider going to WWE. They may, of course, allow Styles to do Indy events on the side. However, if he gets over the way people assume he will, WWE may very well sign him to an exclusive deal.

For now, it is still a waiting game on AJ. The waiting is also still not over for James Storm. Whether or not Storm joins WWE is up in the air, but it looks quite likely as of this writing.

[IMG Credits: culturecrossfire.com, ImpactWrestling.com]