Spencer Stone Stabbed, Cheats Death: French Train Hero Escapes Terrorist Attack And Alcohol-Related Stabbing

Folks have got to ask themselves what’s going on with Spencer Stone, a man who has escaped death more than one time thus far. Stone is the same man who was awarded the Purple Heart medal for his role in helping thwart a gunman aboard a train bound for Paris. Now Spencer is trending on Twitter once more, but it’s not because of Stone’s Airman’s Medal or Purple Heart medal. As reported by TMZ, Stone — who helped take down 25-year-old French train gunman Ayoub El-Khazzani — is in stable condition after being stabbed in Sacramento. The 23-year-old Spencer was helping to defend a friend when he was stabbed at least four times on the Sacramento street corner.

The Sacramento police have released photos and videos on Twitter of the Stone stabbing suspects fleeing the scene.

Also, on LiveLeak, video of the stabbing of Spencer has been uploaded, and in the background of the security video, a man can be heard speaking of the moments when Stone is stabbed. He tells someone else to witness the impact and moments of stabbing, because afterward, there is blood on the ground.

Warning: The following video of the stabbing of Spencer contains footage that might be disturbing to some viewers.